Nick Runge Limited Edition Brush Set

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Trekell Pro Team Artist, Nick Runge, has released his first brush set with Trekell!  Designed with watercolor paint in mind, this set comes with 3 Protege brushes on short, black handles with Nick's signature:

#4 Round - Used for precision and detail work
#14 Round - Used for painting abstract shapes and moving water around
3/4" Wash Brush - Used for large, sharp shapes. Towards the end of the painting, laying in larger dark or colorful pigment in big sections

Each set includes a sticker and a header card featuring the artist's artwork.

Protege brushes are made from a synthetic filament, meant to mimic a natural hair Kolinsky brush.  Although this set was put together for the watercolorist, it will work with oil, acrylic, enamel and gouache paint as well.




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