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Lead Primed Linen Panel - 1/4" Baltic Birch

Lead Primed Linen Panel - 1/4" Baltic Birch

Lead Primed Linen Panel - 1/4" Baltic Birch

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If your current surface is struggling to showcase finer details, it’s time to move to a lead primed linen panel. Revered and respected by realist painters, lead primed linen panels offer a clean surface that gives even the tiniest strokes unmatched clarity and depth. But here’s the best part: While this surface can exhibit your most delicate touches, it’s also incredibly durable and flexible, meaning you get a maximum archival material without the bulky or fragile experience. You can bet you’re getting the best: the fine-weave Belgian linen is portrait-grade, the Beva film adhesive is solvent-free, and the 1 coat of titanium white and 2 coat of crimnitz white priming performed by A.E. Art Canvas in New York will last a lifetime. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there’s a Trekell 1/4" panel, sealed with Golden GAC100, underneath that’s supporting it all. When you receive a lead primed linen panel through our quick shipping, you can rest assured that our attention to the details will be able to do your fine details justice.

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