Get a behind-the-scenes look at our day-to-day operations.

We’ve earned our reputation thanks to our high standards.

For over 30 years, we’ve made some of the finest art supplies for artists of all levels. We’ve also partnered with similarly respected brands so our customers can find the best possible products to meet their needs. Why? We’re committed to helping you, the artist, because we’re artists too. It’s in our DNA. It has been that way from the start.

Brian Trekell was backpacking through Japan when he was first inspired by art supplies. He witnessed legendary brush-making masters treating their craft like a fine art. But it was more than that. He met like-minded artisans who cared deeply about the next person who would hold their creations. Those artisans displayed an innate altruism, of wanting to help someone else become the best they can be. That revelation sparked an interest that grew into Trekell’s passion.

After Trekell’s epiphany, he traveled to Bechhofen, Germany, to fine-tune his brush-making skills. After mastering the discipline, he returned to America to begin his business. It would become something worthy of his name, but, at first, things started small. Trekell used his Brea, California, apartment as the first base of operations. He worked hard, never forgetting the why that drove him and his original inspiration. The company grew steadily. He moved to California’s spacious High Desert to accommodate it. That was in 1984.

Trekell has grown from one man’s calling into an admired manufacturer and marketplace of the highest quality supplies.

Over the years, we’ve expanded. The Trekell name is now synonymous with world-class art panels made from the finest materials. Be it the classically handsome Baltic birch, the ultra-light Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and Gatorfoam, or exceedingly durable hardboard, Trekell offers the right panel for your next project in an array of shapes that will excite any eye. And, these panels are still made right here in our humble factory, carrying on the Trekell tradition.

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. As we evolved, we've understood more and more what it means to build long-lasting, deeply personal relationships. We go the extra mile to reach out to other visionary brands who are as driven as we are to improve the art world. Our guiding principle when it comes to our store is whether we’d use the product. That philosophy has led us to companies emphasizing quality, affordability, and sustainability. When you’ve been doing things this long, you learn who to trust. You also learn why trust is so important.

That’s why we work so hard to gain your trust. Created with care and compassionately priced, Trekell’s wide selection of tools are made by artists for artists. So, when you explore Trekell’s catalog, know that you’ll soon be starting a relationship with people who are as passionate about their craft as you are about yours. After all, Trekell started as a dream. Now, we’d love nothing more than to make your dream a reality.



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