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Trekell Is The Name To Know In Professional Art Supplies

That sense of pride emanates throughout Trekell's product line. For nearly 40 years, Trekell has made some of the finest art supplies for artists of all levels. And we've been so successful in those endeavors because of our core values and makeup. What began as one person's mission to sell quality brushes at an unbeatable value in a market bereft of options has blossomed into one of the few woman-owned, majority woman-operated art supply companies in America.

Under President Courtney Bridges's leadership, Trekell's name has become synonymous with a forward-thinking, innovative approach. Never one to let the old gates and their keepers stand in the way of progress, Bridges and her team have worked tirelessly to push art supplies into the future and the hands of the next generation. That tenacious evolution has led to advances in production and sustainability. It has also fostered a new way of thinking, reconfiguring dusty ideals to better suit an increasingly diverse market. And the catalyst that continues to drive us was listening to what artists really needed.

That statement can be interpreted literally and figuratively. Literally: Trekell's ever-expanding product line provides innumerable options to help realize your creative potential.

Figuratively: Trekell focuses on the essential element beyond the brush, you, the artist. Combined, these twin aims help us bridge our past as humble brushmakers to our present as leaders in art supply ingenuity.

Trekell has been a word-of-mouth favorite of the self-professed "materials nerd" community for the reasons Johnson enumerated above. But we continue to capture the attention of up-and-coming artists because the company feels like a family.

Once you're in, you feel the love, respect, and support of a company that genuinely cares. After all, we're pretty good at art supplies, but what makes us special is that sense of belonging. We're the family you choose that will always go beyond. It's time to find your home. Join us, won't you?