June 6th - June 17th, 2022

In this workshop, Kate will show her process of how to make completed portrait drawings from start to finish.

During the first week, we will be working from life. Kate will show how she sets up and lights the model for drama and story-telling. We will then start our drawings using powdered white medium first on toned paper, working in layers to build value evenly. This creates an atmospheric and sculptural approach from the beginning.

In the second week, we will go over the importance of photographic reference in making completed artworks – beginning with lighting, photographing the model, as well as editing our reference. Taking the time to build a strong reference will allow for more creative freedom. We will experiment with various mixed media to refine and give our portraits a stamp of our own authenticity, this includes learning how to tone our own paper. Kate will offer hands-on guidance each step of the way. This environment is to build technical skills while, at the same time, being free to follow our hearts on what we are visually and artistically attracted to.

Throughout the course, we will be submersing ourselves in the rich history of Rome – visiting museums, churches, and much-revered landmarks to discuss techniques, ideas, and inspiration.


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  • A new 15-30 minute demonstration video every month (sometimes two videos in a month!). Topics will include things such as: how to tone paper, creating a piece from start to finish, experimentation, content on taking reference, inspiration and how to utilize it, etc.
  • Supply review video! Each month, I will be reviewing a certain art supply. Testing and demonstrating what I like (or don't like) about them in an extra video!
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Private Online Classes and Critiques to Artists of all experience levels!

2 hour personalized live demonstration with discussion. After the demo, Kate will email you images of each step along with explanations of the techniques she is utilizing. Your "homework" will be to complete a drawing using this method and either the reference Kate uses, or your own. Option for an additional 1 hour critique and discussion following the completion of your piece.

Weekly/Biweekly sessions are available, but limited.
​- $200 for private demo
- $50 per 30 min critique
(maximum 2 hours)
- $100/hr additional private online lesson



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