The Essentials Workshop
August 7th & 8th, 2021

Cost for workshop: $325.00

Portrait Drawing & Painting Essentials.
Behind the scenes of creating personal work with photo reference!
- 1 Full day of drawing with Kate Zambrano
- 1 Full day of painting with Natalia Fabia
Sponsored by Trekell & Savoire Faire & General Pencils

You will be emailed all information plus a list of the materials needed

Natalia Fabia’s Orange County Studio

- 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
- 1 hour lunch break
- Last Day (Sunday) there will be a fun group dinner!

ZOOM OPTION AVAILABLE if you can’t make it in person!
Price: $50.00

Live Workshop & Video zoom link will be sent. You will not receive personal help or critique. *materials kits available for added price


Kate is now on Patreon!

Currently Kate has one membership level available:

Art Club: Dear friends! Thank you for joining me on this journey!
As a cherished supporter, you can look forward to:

  • A new 15-30 minute demonstration video every month (sometimes two videos in a month!). Topics will include things such as: how to tone paper, creating a piece from start to finish, experimentation, content on taking reference, inspiration and how to utilize it, etc.
  • Supply review video! Each month, I will be reviewing a certain art supply. Testing and demonstrating what I like (or don't like) about them in an extra video!
  • Life updates, studio/cooking/dog/crow/squirrel videos, things that inspire me. This tier will be a bit more personal in both what I'm working on and who I am.
  • Voting! You will also be able suggest subjects for me to make in upcoming videos.
  • Q&A videos! In this tier, you can send me questions that I will address and speak on in the next month's extra videos or posts.
  • Recipes! (I have a love of cooking and baking, so sometimes it'll be a sweet treat and sometimes it'll be savory!) Photos/videos with recipe included.
  • Photos of upcoming projects before they are publicly spoken about
  •  Access to behind-the-scenes images
  • Access to full content (all videos, behind-the-scenes and work in progress images, first look at upcoming projects, etc)


"Rendering Delicate Hands" Workshop
Unlimited Streaming!


"Atmospheric Drawing On Toned Paper" Workshop
Unlimited Streaming!


"Portrait Drawing Realism" Workshop
Unlimited Streaming and over 4.5 Hours of Instructional Content!


Private Online Classes and Critiques to Artists of all experience levels!

2 hour personalized live demonstration with discussion. After the demo, Kate will email you images of each step along with explanations of the techniques she is utilizing. Your "homework" will be to complete a drawing using this method and either the reference Kate uses, or your own. Option for an additional 1 hour critique and discussion following the completion of your piece.

Weekly/Biweekly sessions are available, but limited.
​- $200 for private demo
- $50 per 30 min critique
(maximum 2 hours)
- $100/hr additional private online lesson



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