Terrific Trees

Class Opens November 17th
Instructor – Kim Van Der Hoek
8 Lessons/5+ Hours of Instruction
Lifetime Access/Downloadable Content
Private Group – teacher active 11/17/21 – 12/17/21
Course Price – $129.00 USD

Would You Like to Learn How to Transform Simple Shapes Into Trees? Are Ready to Become a Master at Mixing Greens for Your Landscape Paintings?

If you’ve ever struggled with painting trees in a landscape then this course breaks the process into easy steps. In Terrific Trees, with Kim VanDerHoek, you will receive ten alla prima recorded video lessons. In these lessons, Kim will guide you through the process of creating believable trees that you can add to any landscape painting. You’ll learn how to mix a variety of green colors, transform extremely simple shapes into trees, use three values to create the illusion of form, add important details and paint trees near and far. There is even a bonus mini lesson at the end! You’ll begin with a very easy lesson on painting shrubs and work your way into more and more complex trees as your skills and confidence grows. This course is sure to bring more believable greens to your landscape work!

By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts:
- Learn how to paint shrubs, Italian cypress, pine, oak, eucalyptus and palm trees.
- See how to mix a variety of greens using a limited palette.
- Identify the basic underlying shape in complex organic forms.
- Use easy steps to paint a complex subject.
- Practice details that give trees believably and impact.
- Transform basic shapes into trees using negative space.
- See how simple it is to paint grass, shadows and details.


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