Online Watercolor Portrait Workshop

**All sessions will be recorded; students do not have to be present. Recordings will be available for students for up to one month.


DAY 1- I'll begin with a 30 min PowerPoint presentation covering composition, color choices, building structure and my ideas on the final painting stages. I'll then demonstrate, for the remaining time, how I start and finish a watercolor portrait, from the pencil stage to the transparent layering of color. I'll be able to answer questions as I paint. Students are encouraged to paint an additional portrait on their own during the week, using their own photo reference, and taking the approach taught on this first day.

DAY 2 - Starting off where we left, I'll cover a different approach to color for the initial painting stage, using a cold hue instead of warm colors, to show how subtle saturation can be even more effective than intense chromatic palettes. I'll demonstrate for the first hour, and then begin a second portrait while answering questions from students.

DAY 3 - During the final day, I'll review the two approaches and take questions from students while I complete two watercolor portraits. I'll also offer critiques to each student based on the paintings they've completed so far.

Materials list:
PAINT (watercolor):
Deep Scarlett (Daniel Smith)
Permanent Orange (D Smith)
Pyrrol Red (D Smith)
Prussian Blue (Winsor/Newton)
Opera Pink (D Smith)
Ivory Black (D Smith)
Burnt Sienna (D Smith)
Permanent Green No.1 (Holbein)
Permanent Yellow Deep (D Smith)

BRUSHES (watercolor):
#4 Round
#14 Round
3/4" Flat

PAPER (watercolor)

Arches or Fabriano cold press, any size 9x12 or bigger (paper choice is honestly up to the students, these are what I use)

Masking tape, unless working on watercolor blocks
HB graphite (4-6H also acceptable)
Kneaded eraser


Watercolor Painting Retreat in France

MAY 7 - MAY 14, 2022

Join artist Nick V. Runge for a week of painting in the South of France. Nick will perform live demonstrations in watercolor and offer one-on-one tuition throughout the retreat. The painting retreat with artist Nick V. Runge is open to all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a professional artist, the tuition will be adapted to every individual participant.

We'll be using watercolors and focusing on a variety of techniques, materials, and topics, including:

Drawing in proportion from both photography and life
Learning how to compose a good photo reference
Interpreting colors and how to translate what we see to paper
Breaking things down into abstract shapes, to build form and light
Experimenting and thinking outside the box with watercolors
Embracing the loose quality of watercolor and letting it lead the way
How to think about art in the modern world and how to approach a career in painting or drawing.

In addition to painting alongside Nick every day, you'll also have plenty of time to relax, enjoy the stunning French countryside and share your experiences with fellow creatives over a glass of wine.




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