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Chelsea Classical Studio Mediums

Chelsea Classical Studio Mediums

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Chelsea Classical Studio Mediums

Chelsea Classical Studio Fine Art Materials are made from the highest quality, handmade, natural and archival artists materials, created using historic methods and techniques.

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CCS Walnut Oil Pale Cold-Pressed™ - Walnut oil is naturally less yellow and dries slower than Linseed oil.

Leonardo Da Vinci recommended Walnut oil, and from the Renaissance onward it was used for whites and light colors.

Cold-pressed oils are obtained by pressing and grinding seeds in a stone or metal press.

This historical extraction technique yields less oil than using heat or chemical methods, traditionally it was preferred in order to have a purer oil.

CCS Walnut Oil Pale Cold-Pressed™ is extracted using the more costly, time-tested method of cold-pressing oils.

This method follows historic precedent by using the most natural oil and extraction processes. CCS does not use high-heat extracted oils.

High-heat and chemically extracted oils have many more impurities than cold-pressed oils, and may alter the oil’s natural properties.

Raw cold-pressed oils have a dark yellow-orange color that can affect paint color.

Most art material companies either sell the uncleaned raw cold-pressed oil, or use harsh chemical cleaning and bleaching processes to make the oils lighter in color.

CCS Walnut Oil Pale Cold-Pressed™ is washed and cleaned using natural processes documented since the Renaissance.

CCS Lean Medium For Oil Painting™ - CCS Lean Medium For Oil Painting™ is a mixture of CCS Linseed Oil Pale Cold-Pressed™ and CCS Lavender Spike Oil Essence™.

It will thin the paint, make it dry faster, and is recommended for the early layers of painting. 

CCS Lavender Spike Oil Essence™ is a historical alternative solvent to turpentine, which is safe to breathe.

The painting method of “Fat Over Lean” means to apply a paint layer rich in oil (a fat) over a layer with less oil (a lean) layer on a painting.  It does NOT refer to paint thickness.

This simple principle is fundamental to controlling the paint adhesion, drying time and glossiness.

To paint Fat over Lean, use less oil to begin with, and more oil and/or varnish on successive painting days.

CCS Lavender Spike Oil Essence™ - CCS Lavender Spike Oil Essence™ is a historically documented alternative to turpentine distilled from lavender.

It can fully dissolve resins for varnishes, and mix with paints and mediums.

Its distinctive lavender scent does not cause chronic health effects such as those associated with the inhalation of fumes from Turpentine or Petroleum Mineral Spirits.

The usage of CCS Lavender Spike Oil Essence™ and Turpentine are nearly identical.

Both are oil painting solvents that are used to thin oil paints and mediums, and to make varnishes like damar. 

Besides its use in oil painting, it is also used for perfumes, soaps, aromatherapy and other holistic medicinal practices.

CCS Mini 2 Pack of Oils -
1oz CCS Linseed Oil Pale Cold-Pressed™
1oz CCS Walnut Oil Pale Cold-Pressed™

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Mini 2-Pack

Try the Chelsea Classical Studio™ Mini 2-packs! These allow you to try the different mediums and see which works best for you.

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Linseed & Walnut Oil - 1 oz $23.05$11.52
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Chelsea Classical Studio Mediums Mini 2-Pack

Linseed & Walnut Oil - 1 oz
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Roman A.
United States United States

Lavender Spike Oil Essence Let Down

This product's advertised draw is it's health and smell advantage over turpentine and odorless mineral spirits, flammable solvents used to clean and dilute oil paints. These selling points are vital to sell something that goes for 20$ per 2 oz, versus $17.95 for 33.8 oz of Gamsol (odorless mineral spirits, on this website, or a gallon for $47.25 on (i wouldn't recommend that size given the extreme difficulty I had with getting the cap of in it's current packaging, but it's worth mentioning if you tend to buy in bulk for art supplies such as this). This lavender spike oil essence is extremely pungent. If you are someone concerned with the health effects of solvent, please consider that OMS has, as the name would imply, minimal an odor, which is a large part of the safety concerns of substances such as turpentine. Combined with oil paint or other mediums, Gamsol can smell a bit strong, but easily dissipates through the natural airflow of a house* within a day, depending on how much you use. I used this Lavender Spike Oil Essence to clean my palette once and as a small dose in a four ingredient solution for oiling out. Not only was the scent overpowering to my perception, when I left the door open to air my studio out, one of my fellow inhabitants raised serious concern that something toxic was emanating from the room. It took days to dissipate, and said inhabitant consented to me opening the window, despite the cold night air, to do so. If you are sensitive to smells *at all*, this is a huge drawback. In addition to this, when cleaning my wooden palette, in contrast to Gamsol, this product was more wieldy, required more product to accomplish the cleaning, and left streaks. My concern is the mention of cancer is scaring people off of considering other products as their chosen solvent. Additionally, in this lack of information and anxiety around solvents, people seem to often default to water-mixable paints that are truthfully not less "toxic" than normal oil paint, in addition to containing soap instead of the maximum pigment load that the manufacturer would normally include.* This product's description is a bit vaguer than directly mentioning carcinogens, and they very smartly and rightly use the word "may", but here is some information that elaborates these health scares beyond buzz words: Do what you feel is best for you, I simply advise you to consider how advertising and selective information affects your perception of healthy oil painting habits before you invest money in a product that may very well remain aesthetically pleasing decor in your studio after one use. *Facts cited are courtesy of Gamblin's educational materials, particularly the q+a podcast episode they did with Savvy Paint Podcast. tl;dr: Please educate yourself (I provide sources) before you spend lots of money on a product that benefits off of a reputation of being "natural" and "non-toxic". Also, in general, when shopping for investment products it's a good idea to search for critical or long reviews, which will theoretically exist a quick search away on other websites. Best of luck, -R

Linda G.
United States United States

Top quality

Got the Lavender lean medium duo. Amazing value, top quality and a safer option than the fumes of turpentine.

Caroline K.
United States United States

these are amazing

I was unsure of new products, but these are amazing. Love the Fat and Lean, and the oils are smooth and blend well.

Jennifer P.
United States United States

worth it.

my studio smells a 1000% better! lavender.