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Discontinued - Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors - 150mL

Discontinued - Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors - 150mL

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors - 150mL

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors are made with the same dedication and pure pigments that go into its Artist’s Oils.

In addition, Gamblin uses the same process of mixing, milling, filling, and hand labeling.

In order to reduce the cost of oil colors, some manufacturers use gels and waxes to stiffen colors and replace traditional pigments with less expensive ones.

Gamblin's approach is different. 1980 colors are formulated with pure pigments, the finest refined linseed oil and marble dust (calcium carbonate).

With 1980 colors, artists experience colors that are true, without homogenized texture or muddy color mixtures.

Their approach of using both traditional raw materials and processes ensures that artists experience the luscious working properties that they expect from their oil colors.

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Color Size Price Quantity
Permanent Green Light 37mL $9.00
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Permanent Green Light
Size: 37mL
$9.00 MSRP: $7.95
Color Size Price Quantity
Cadmium Orange 150mL $32.00
- +
Dioxazine Purple 150mL $21.00
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Cadmium Orange
Size: 150mL
$32.00 MSRP: $30.00
Dioxazine Purple
Size: 150mL
$21.00 MSRP: $19.00