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Onyx - Synthetic Squirrel

Trekell’s Onyx Brushes certainly live up to their mineral namesake, something which has been revered and respected throughout history for its miraculous properties. Designed with control in mind, both in detail and retention qualities, these brushes bring together precision and unhampered flow without the fear of flare outs. These aren’t qualities you would expect from a synthetic line, and yet an Onyx Brush is so close to natural squirrel hair you might not believe it. That said, you’ll definitely believe the results: With a varied selection that will appeal to watercolor lovers, an Onyx Brush will soak up what you need and paint exactly what you want.

Products (Total Items: 3)
Onyx Quill Mop 8000 Series
Average Rating
$10.25 - $63.91
In Stock
Onyx Round 8010 Series
Average Rating
$4.39 - $57.20
In Stock
Onyx Oval Wash 8020 Series
Average Rating
$4.41 - $73.67
In Stock

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