Art as a Gift

Art as a Gift

Giving the gift of art is possibly one of the most thoughtful gestures one can make. If you know an art lover or an artist and want to give them something truly meaningful, art as a gift will most certainly make their day.

With the holiday giving season upon us, now is a good time to think about an extra special gift for the art connoisseur or enthusiast in your life. 

If you’ve determined that you’d like to explore art as a gift and incorporate that into your yearly gift-giving, you may not be sure exactly which direction you want to go.

Some consider art itself to be a very personal thing that they could never choose for someone else, while others know the recipient so well they know exactly which piece would delight them.

If you’re on the fence, we’ve put together somewhat of a holiday gift guide that might help you make a decision. We also have a product quiz you can check out to help make these decisions easier! 

Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply

Trekell has a bevy of Pro Team artists who work with us all year. These artists are well known and well reputed in their communities and in the art world in general.

They help us understand what artists are looking for in art materials, and often design or put together brushes or brush kits. They also serve as brand ambassadors and share their personal Trekell favorites to help buyers make the right choices.

While they all sell their art on their websites, many have also branched out into other endeavors, which are also giftable. 

Perhaps the art lover in your life is interested in learning new techniques through virtual classes. Nick Runge, Kate Zambrano, and Sean Cheetham all have online instructional videos through


Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply

The great thing about giving an online instructional video is that they list time stamps of each course section so the user can easily go back to the parts they need extra help with, and they can work along with the video at their own pace.

Kate Zambrano does commissions and teaches private lessons: Click Here
Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply
Sean Cheetham’s incredible work
can be purchased through his
Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply
SoCal artist Natalia Fabia has some workshops coming up: ONLINE INSTRUCTION She also offers private online instruction.
Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply
New York artist Todd M. Casey has online instructional videos,
originals and takes commissions here!
Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply

Celeb favorite and surrealist
Greg Simkins offers art, his signed book, and merch through his online shop.

California artist Glenn Arthur offers paintings, fabric banners, and
merch through his shop.

Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply

Midwestern-based pop contemporary
Mab Graves sells her wares via her Etsy store.

Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply
, AKA The Obanoth, is a Los Angeles painter who specializes in paintings done on wood panels, skateboard decks, and offers these and other items like signed prints on her
Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply

Sentient Academy is an online art school for artists, by artists. They continually strive to recruit professionals and masters of their trade.

Each master has years of success as a professional artist and shares hard-earned knowledge of how to improve and succeed in their individual platforms. Check out Sentients Gift Workshop and Lifetime Gift Workshops today!

Art as a Gift | Trekell Art Supply

Whether you choose to purchase a gift of art in the form of a painting, signed print, art book, or instructional video, there are lots of options out there.

Don’t forget to throw in some art supplies or a gift certificate, or gift those things if you’re unsure what your favorite art lover would really like.

The next few months will be crucial to everyone’s mental well-being as COVID-19 vaccines become available and are administered; this is a great time to support artists, those people in your life who value and make art, and of course, yourself.

Make sure you put a little something under the tree just for you!