Rewards Program - Bristle Bucks!

How to Sign Up:

On the main page of our website you should see a blue button that says "Rewards". Once you click the Rewards button, a popup will ask you if you'd like to sign up for our program, or sign into our program.

Trekell Bristle Bucks Rewards Program


How to Earn:

In order to receive points from uploading photos/videos and reviews, you must first receive an email asking you to do this. These emails typically are sent 2-3 weeks after your order has shipped out.

Point Equivalency: 

Ways to Redeem: 
At checkout you can redeem your points within the popup on our homepage - if you redeem your points this way, you will receive a code to use in the 'discount code' spot at checkout. You can also use the slider at checkout to redeem your points (as featured below). 

Point Expiration:
Customers points will start to expire after 6 months from the last purchase date. If you have not earned or spent points during the 6-month timeline, your points will expire. You have 6 months (180 days) after your last point transaction to either earn more points (make a purchase) or use your points (claim a reward).

If you order within 6 months of your last order date, these points will not expire.

*These discounts cannot be combined with other discounts at checkout.