Trekell's Limited Edition Panels: Fueling Creativity and Innovation

Trekell's Limited Edition Panels: Fueling Creativity and Innovation

At Trekell, we thrive on keeping things interesting and continuously exploring new ideas for unique limited edition panels. We value the creativity and input of our community, which has led to remarkable panel concepts such as the mirror panel inspired by artist Glenn Arthur and the butterfly panel suggested by our customer Brianna Mireles.

Trekell Limited Edition Panels

Trekell Mirror Wood Panel: Reflecting Artistic Brilliance

 Trekell Mirror Wood Panel


While we always strive for success, we occasionally encounter panels that don't quite meet our expectations, like the leg lamp panel inspired by the movie "A Christmas Story." It seems not everyone recognized its origin! Poor Ralphie!

Behind the scenes, we employ a cutting-edge CNC Router machine to meticulously craft each limited edition panel. The CNC technology, short for computer numerical control, allows us to precisely program panel designs into the software, enabling the machine to flawlessly cut them out.

But enough of the technical details; the burning question remains: What will be our next awe-inspiring panel? This is where YOU play a crucial role! We eagerly invite you to share your amazing ideas or specific panel concepts by emailing us at We can't wait to witness the incredible creations you propose!

Fuel your artistic passion with Trekell's limited edition panels and be part of our journey to redefine creative possibilities. Together, let's shape the future of artistic expression.

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