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Creating Art for a Cause

Many artists not only gain inspiration for their work from participating in helping others; they also create art to help out a cause.

For example, Kate Zambrano, a Trekell Pro Team Artist, joined up with Hippo Factory to create Young Urban Artist Outreach, because she feels it’s important to help inner city youth reach their artistic potential.

There are difficulties in accessing world renown art teachers for youth who are less fortunate, and the program aims to help connect the two. Other artists, like Marek Hosek of, are known for their philanthropy through projects like Art for Haiti and Art for Health.

To find more inspiring artists, explore #artforacause on Instagram.


Creating Art for a Cause | Trekell Art Supply

Kate Zambrano

What’s the connection between art and philanthropy?

Why is it that beautiful art works so well with creating awareness and raising funds for a cause? Perhaps it is the fact that amazing works of art often elicit powerful emotions in us.

Likewise, when we hear of a cause that we either relate to somehow or that touches us in some way, a similar emotional chord is struck within. Since emotion, art, and giving are so intertwined, it’s to be expected that as an artist one can channel the emotion felt about their cause straight into their art to come up with stunning work.


Creating Art for a Cause | Trekell Art Supply

Once you’re inspired, how do you become involved?

Maybe you will work directly with an organization to create art to display in a space where they will benefit from it, such as a pop-up gallery in a restaurant for which a portion of the proceeds of sales go to yours or the restaurants chosen charity, or perhaps you’ll partner with the owners of a farm to paint a mural on their barn or silo, thus creating awareness for a particular cause.

Popular places for inspiring paintings are anywhere lots of people gather or pass by every day. Walking trails that meander past large buildings with plenty of wall space, eateries, independently owned retail stores are all excellent places to display your work, and if you can get the business to agree to partner with you to support a cause, you’re good to go.

Whatever your medium, the emotion you put into your work transfers to the viewer or buyer of your work and keeps on generating that awareness for years, maybe generations to come, not to mention how much it will help the organization you want to help.

Creating Art for a Cause | Trekell Art Supply