Lifestyle Images & Blog Submissions

Lifestyle Images & Blog Submissions

Lifestyle Images & Blog Submissions

Our new web-site brings exciting opportunities to our followers!  We are always looking for a way to connect with our audience and get them involved with what Trekell is doing.  We're looking for lifestyle images, that we can showcase throughout our website, and blog submissions from you!

We are going to constantly be updating our site with new images, so the more you submit, the better chance you have of your image and work being featured on our website! You will be given credit on the photo :) And did we mention we'll give you a $50 Trekell Gift Certificate if chosen?

Elizabeth Zanzinger

Most of the placeholders on our website are in a landscape format, so please submit something in that layout.  Professional shots featuring you, your work and your favorite Trekell products are what we're looking for!  Email us your images for consideration!

We also want to hear from you!  Do you have a subject about the art world you'd like to discuss?  We'd love to give you a platform to share it on!  Email us with your idea for an article, or if you already have written one, send it over for us to review.  If you have relevant images that pertain to your blog, we'd love to use those too!  And again, if chosen, we will give you a $50 Trekell Gift Certificate!



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