Juried Pet Portrait Competition

Juried Pet Portrait Competition

Juried Pet Portrait Competition

By now, you've probably heard about our Pet Portrait Competition.  If not, this blog is for you!

We, here at Trekell Art Supplies, are HUGE animal lovers. We all have pets and talk about them daily.  We wanted a way to involve our fans with the company and our employees with our fans.  So, what better way?

Trekell President, Courtney with her 5 dogs

The idea for a Juried Pet Portrait Competition was a no-brainer.  The entry fee?  Buy a Trekell Pet Portrait Panel and paint on it.  Choosing a judge came quite easy too.  Jennifer Gennari is known for her gorgeous oil paintings of animals and was the perfect fit.  We reached out to her and received an instant "yes!"  We were beyond thrilled!

Jennifer Gennari - Vizsla in the Sun
9"x12" Oil on Linen

After getting Jennifer on board, we started working on prize ideas.  Gift Certificates are always great so the winner can pick and choose the items they'd like instead of receiving products that may go to waste.  1st place is to receive a $1,000 Trekell Gift Certificate, 2nd - $750 and 3rd - $500.  Perfect....so we thought.

Trekell Woodshop Manager, Mary with her dog, Harley


We just had a discussion with our followers asking if they feel left out of the art world and received an overwhelming response of beginners saying they do.  We almost did the same thing to them.  Of course the pros who have been at this for a long time are going to win, why would a beginner even enter?

Factory Manager, Brianna with her dog, Charlie


We then decided we needed to add more categories, as to not make anyone feel left out: Intermediate and Beginner.  But why stop there?  Let's get children involved as well!  After making numerous studio visits, we know how many artists work alongside their children.  They try to keep them entertained while they work and some have their kids paint along with them.  So why not?  A brush set will be gifted to all the kids who enter.

Customer Service Rep, Alyssa and her cat, Wednesday


Let's keep this thing going and get our Pro Team Artists and Vendor Friends involved!  Kate Zambrano will be choosing her favorite Drawing and they will be awarded with Kate's Charcoal & Brush Set, plus a little something from General Pencil!

Kate Zambrano


Greg "Craola' Simkins will be choosing his favorite acrylic piece and the winner will be gifted one of his brush sets and the 14 piece Acrylic Explorer Set from Golen Artist's Colors.

Greg "Craola" Simkins


Sean Cheetham will be looking through all the oil entries and awarding his favorite piece with his newest brush set,not yet released!  Gamblin has also contributed with a Artists' Oil Colors Set.

Sean Cheetham


Glenn Arthur is going to be judging all of the watercolor entries.  Winner will be awarded with one of his newest brush sets, also not  yet released!  Savoir Faire has generously donated a set of Half Pans Sennelier Watercolors to!

Glenn Arthur and Sparkle


All entries for the Juried Trekell Pet Portrait Competition must be submitted no later than August 31st, 2019 via email.  Directions will come with each panel purchase.  To learn more about the competition, click here.


We look forward to viewing all of the entries and would like to thank you in advance for participating!




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