Pet Portrait Competition Winners - 2019

Pet Portrait Competition Winners - 2019

Pet Portrait Competition Winners - 2019

1st Place - Advanced
Sergio Lopez - Oil

2nd Place -Advanced
Matt Smith - Oil

3rd Place - Advanced
Brian DiNicola - Oil

1st Place - Intermediate
Jessie Hui - Oil

2nd Place - Intermediate
David Vegt - Oil

3rd Place - Intermediate
Tiffani Beck - Oil

1st Place - Beginner
Whitney Paige - Oil

2nd Place - Beginner
Mary Taylor - Oil

3rd Place - Beginner
Cheyenne Cox - Oil



Greg Simkins Award -  Acrylic 
Winner: Cassandra Kim

Acrylic Honorable Mentions

Matthew Conlon

Bob Doucette
Bob Doucette

Stacy Pefferkorn
Stacy Pefferkorn

Alex Sugar

Jeri Rae Venegas

Kate Zambrano Award - Drawing
Winner: Bronwyn Dierssen

Drawing Honorable Mentions

Andrew Peterson Tater

Jennifer Pangelinan

Allana Lee

Rodney Thompson

Glenn Arthur Award - Watercolor
Winner: Beth Trott

Watercolor Honorable Mentions

Mallory Hart

Suzi Petroff

Debbie Myers

Suzi Petroff

Sean Cheetham Award - Oil
Winner: Codey Doran

Oil Honorable Mentions

James Eastwood

Rosanne Cerbo

Andrew Peterson Tater

Laura Lee Romaine





Thank you to everyone who participated! We are overwhelmed and amazed with how many entries we received.  We can't wait to do it again.

A huge thank you to our judges:

Jennifer Genarri
Kate Zambrano
Glenn Arthur
Sean Cheetham
Greg Simkins


And a special thanks to our friends who sponsored the competition:

Gamblin Artist's Colors
Savoir Faire
General Pencil
Golden Artists Colors


See you next year!


  • What a wonderful variety of pet portraits. So very nice. Congratulations, everybody!

    Dennis Hayes on

  • Congratulations to all the winners!
    I am a bit confused. I thought the instruction for the competition requested that we not put a background in our drawing so that it would not distract the judges. Did I read that incorrectly?

    Rosemary Barone on

  • How do I find out the competition?

    Caroline Cheng on

  • This was fun! Congratulations to everyone who achieved a finished and emailed work. Especial congratulations to the deserving winners – you are inspirational. Thank-you Trekell Art, judges, and other sponsors. LRJ

    Linda Rampey-Johnson on

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