Rocking the Art World: Trekell Pro Team's Unforgettable Day at the Punk Rock Museum

Rocking the Art World: Trekell Pro Team's Unforgettable Day at the Punk Rock Museum

A Stylish Start

Sometime in April, the Trekell Pro Team artists experienced a day that was anything but ordinary. Starting in the most stylish way possible, a mohawk-adorned limousine courtesy of the Punk Rock Museum picked us up from our hotel and set the tone for a day filled with art, music, and camaraderie. This event wasn't just a meet and greet; it was a full-on celebration of art and punk rock spirit in the heart of Las Vegas.

Art Meets Enthusiasm

Upon arriving at the museum, our team set up for an anticipated gathering where art enthusiasts and fans had the opportunity to meet their favorite artists. The doors opened at 2 PM, and the crowd started flowing in, eager to snap photos with the artists and pick up some exclusive artwork and prints. Every attendee also got the chance to enter a raffle that featured a mix of coveted Trekell products and merchandise from our talented Pro Team.

Bonding Over Brushes

As the afternoon unfolded, the artists mingled not just with the fans but also among themselves, strengthening bonds and sharing experiences that only fellow creators can truly appreciate. The atmosphere was electric, filled with conversations about art techniques, career paths, and personal stories, all underscored by a shared passion for creativity.


A Night of Punk Rock VIPs

The excitement didn’t stop there. Natalia Fabia and her husband, Jay Bentley of Bad Religion, generously put all the artists on the VIP list for an epic concert featuring Social Distortion and Bad Religion at the Virgin Hotel and Casino. With the best seats in the house and access to a private bar, the team enjoyed an incredible view of the performances, making the evening even more memorable. The energy of live music and the thrill of the concert fostered even more bonding among the team, with artists sharing not just drinks but also inspirations and aspirations.


Winding Down in Style

We wrapped up our exhilarating day in the lounge area of the Virgin Hotel and Casino, sharing laughs and stories over drinks. It was a perfect ending to a day that exemplified the perks of being part of the Trekell Pro Team. Not only do our artists get to work with high-quality art supplies, but they also enjoy unique experiences that celebrate their membership in this vibrant creative community.

Join the Trekell Pro Team

This Las Vegas event was a testament to the exclusive and enriching experiences that Trekell offers its Pro Team artists. Are you ready to elevate your artistic journey and be a part of something truly spectacular? This January 2025, seize your chance to join our vibrant community by submitting your “pro-folio” for consideration. While there’s no guarantee of selection, every Pro Team artist has started here, taking the step to share their work and passion. Don't miss out on the opportunity to not only enhance your craft with premium supplies but also to gain access to unforgettable experiences and forge lasting bonds in the art community. The journey to becoming a Trekell Pro Team artist begins with your application. Make it count, and perhaps you’ll be the one sharing your story next year!