"Show Us Your Trekell" Contest Winner Blog Post | Trekell Art Supply

"Show Us Your Trekell" Contest Winner

Many moons ago, Trekell hosted a contest in search of its biggest fan. We called it the Show Us Your Trekell contest.  The point of the contest was to have artists  create their “Ode to Trekell.” So, show us your Trekell!

The prize was multi-tiered:  design our next panel, get a cut of the sales proceeds, AND your name/signature on the back of the panel. 

"Show Us Your Trekell" Contest Winner | Trekell Art Supply

(Winner: Jenna B. with her Trekell Logo tattoo)

Trekell had an overwhelming response to our contest and chose a winner in March 2020. The winner of our recent contest was Rainbow Mastery. She’s Jenna from New Zealand; check her out on Instagram.

She designed these Limited Edition wing panels we’re proud to sell. We think wings are such a great option. Think about using wing panels to flank a number of shapes like circles, hearts, heads, stars, etc. The possibilities are kinda endless, right? 

"Show Us Your Trekell" Contest Winner | Trekell Art Supply

So Jenna’s (Rainbow Mastery) design was wings and now Trekell is offering Limited Edition wing panels because she won the heck out of this. 

Jenna has also decided to donate her portion of the sales to the NAACP.  Trekell will be matching that and donating on her behalf.

Trekell makes 3 sizes of these super-duper special limited edition wings!  (Yes, a set means two wings) made from ½” Baltic birch and available in 8”, 10.5”, and 13.25” sizes.)

Join us next time for our Show Us Your Trekell Contest.


"Show Us Your Trekell" Contest Winner | Trekell Art Supply