The Obanoth Limited Edition Brush Set | Trekell Art Supply

The Obanoth Limited Edition Brush Set

Trekell Pro Team Artist, The Obanoth, has compiled her favorite Trekell brushes to create a new Limited Edition Set.

This 4-piece synthetic flat brush set features Golden Taklon brushes and green matte short handles with gold stamping and a gold ferrule in her preferred (and most used) sizes.

It’s hard to come by bristles in these shapes and she is so incredibly happy to have her stamp on them! These synthetic Golden Taklon brushes work with all media and come with a sticker featuring her work.

The Obanoth Limited Edition Brush Set | Trekell Art Supply

“Trekell supplies are my go-to, since making professional-quality work requires professional-quality art supplies. I need brushes that work as hard as I do, and archival surfaces that are built to last. Perfectly-shaped geometric panels and brushes that hold their shape make a huge difference in my workflow, and in the sharpness and quality of my finished paintings."

The Obanoth (aka Hannah Webb), currently lives and works in Los Angeles with her rescue rabbit/studiomate. Originally from Ohio, she attended Laguna College of Art & Design in Orange County, graduating with an illustration-centric bachelor’s degree in 2010.

The Obanoth Limited Edition Brush Set | Trekell Art Supply

Painter by night, education administrator by day. Hannah not only paints, she also works at a college centered around video game and visual effects development (hence the alias). She loves surrounding herself with other creative minds and giving her life balance.

Hannah's work focuses on technique in application and dynamic color, usually with a focus on organic subjects such as animals or vignettes of the human body.  

Acrylic paint on wood surfaces is her preferred combo, as the smoothness best lends itself to the clean and precise marks that evolve into her visual geometry.  Her paintings are a juxtaposition of mechanical and fluid; representational and abstract -- layers of independent shapes, stacked with precision to imply light, texture, and form without being too caught up in realism.

The Obanoth Limited Edition Brush Set | Trekell Art Supply

Hannah and her work can be found on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram -- in galleries, shows and private collections all over the country. We’re not quite sure how she finds the time to squeeze it all in, but outside of work she enjoys cooking, making cocktails, and exploring the city.

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