TODD M. CASEY WEBINAR | Trekell Art Supply


Join us for a LIVE Still Life Introduction with Trekell’s Pro Team Artist Todd Casey on February 18th, 2022 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST. Todd will go over how he sets up a still life - PLUS everything you need to know about the Trekell Still Life Competition, judged by Todd himself!

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TODD M. CASEY WEBINAR | Trekell Art Supply


Todd M. Casey was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts. His studies took him to Boston, New York City and San Francisco before beginning to teach at the Guild Atelier in Brooklyn, New York.

Casey’s work touches on more than simplistic, rigid realism. There is a haunting, nearly literary quality to each frame.

A feeling that subjects are viewed from behind rain-kissed, mottled glass; burnished by enigmatic candlelight— or brushed by the soft, hazy edges of a half-remembered dream. Works that are classically styled, but progressive in approach— fine, somber details, rendered with a clear, meticulous eye; and yet, somehow, subdued with a gentle, melancholic focus.

TODD M. CASEY WEBINAR | Trekell Art Supply

Drawing inspiration from classical art, historical literature, and personal experience; Casey imbues each piece with a love of both pragmatic, corporeal form, and storied, intentional function.

That is to say, every painting has a tale to tell; whether emergent from the viewer’s own perception, or brewed from the very deep well of introspective thought, the artist inculcates with each brush stroke. Subtlety, refined grace, meditation, and honesty— are the hallmarks of Todd Casey’s aesthetic.

His paintings have been honored with awards and can be found in collections throughout the United States. He recently wrote the book “The Art of Still Life: A Contemporary Guide to Classical Techniques, Composition, and Painting in Oils” which is published by Monacelli Press.

TODD M. CASEY WEBINAR | Trekell Art Supply

Casey lives in New York, with his wife, Gina. When he is not working in his home studio, or preparing for gallery events, he reads Joseph Campbell, Paulo Coelho and Eckhardt Tolle, watches Woody Allen movies— or toils in his garden, when the weather allows.


Trekell Pro Team Artist, Todd M. Casey has compiled his favorite Trekell brushes. Todd's created two brush sets, his artist brush set, and color wheel brush set! Todd's 10-piece set consists of Hog Bristle, Opal and Spectrums, both flat and round brushes. Todd's Color Wheel brush set includes Panels, as well as Spectrum and Legion brushes, long flat and round brushes. Both are perfect for creating still life's!

TODD M. CASEY WEBINAR | Trekell Art Supply TODD M. CASEY WEBINAR | Trekell Art Supply

"For many years I bought brushes at art stores that lasted 1-2 paintings and frayed or fell apart. When I tried Trekell brushes, right away I could tell that the products were high quality. The brushes held up through multiple paintings and held their tip for many paintings. Since then, I rarely use other brushes from other manufacturers as the quality is much higher with their products. I also love their panels and use them in all my work. In addition to the exceptional products, their customer service is top notch as well. I could not send a higher recommendation for their company and products!"

If you'd like to check out this webinar, see the video below:

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