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Trekell Gothic Panels

Looking to channel the Old Masters? No need to break out the ouija board; our line of Gothic Panels are made from Baltic birch and are ready to hang with a pre-drilled keyhole in the back. Although perfect for any time; this time of year, their slightly dark and creepy nature makes us think of them as “Halloween refined”.

Trekell Gothic Panels | Trekell Art Supply

The Gothic period, which spanned between the 12th and 16th centuries (that's a pretty decent run!) included sculpture, panel painting (tada!), stained glass, fresco and illuminated manuscripts.

However, Gothic art and architecture has made a lasting impression and continues to influence many contemporary artists, including some of our Trekell Pro Team artists.  


Trekell’s Gothic Panels come in Rounded Arch, Arch, Steeple, Bird Cage, and Abbey shapes. Each shape is made from our ½” thick Baltic Birch. Our Gothic panels put an eerie twist on our basic, cradle-less raw wood panel.

They carry a certain augustness, innate sense of purposefulness, and austere elegance that differentiates itself from canvas. It’s amazing that something so simple could open up endless artistic possibilities, but you’ll immediately know the how and why of that property as soon as you hold one. Built to be ultra-durable and affordable, you can’t go wrong with these panels.

Trekell Gothic Panels | Trekell Art Supply


Trekell’s Gothic Floater Panels come in Rounded Arch, Arch, Steeple, Bird Cage,and Abbey. Each shape comes in one size and is made out of a handsome hunk of 1/2”-thick Baltic birch that has a section routed out to make the art panel look like a frame. In turn, that ¼” gap plays with the eye’s ability to distinguish dimension, allowing whatever you create upon the panel's interior to look as though it’s suspended within the surrounding ½” of stylish wood. It’s a clever trick, highlighting your work without any extra effort on your part. All of Trekell's artist panels are handcrafted right here in our factory so we can keep a close eye on quality control by maintaining the highest manufacturing standards. Challenge yourself with a new shape panel today!

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