Virtual Art Classes

Virtual Art Classes

Virtual Art Classes

Now that we’ve all become accustomed to our Covid-19 “New Normal” of distance learning, art workshops and online art classes have really taken off via Zoom, Instagram lives, and other media. While online education has been around for a long time, the pandemic has allowed art academies, artists who teach, and others to expand their online course offerings and, in many cases, use their social platforms as virtual classrooms.

Natalia Fabia, a Trekell Pro Team member, has been hosting a free live class via her Instagram account for some time. Now Fabia has added Zoom classes to her teaching. She offers both private online instruction for a monthly fee and a 6-week Zoom class on Tuesdays. Every Sunday, Fabia hosts a kid’s online art class via Zoom as well. Kids can have some fun on the weekend creating art and simply enjoy learning without it seeming like their virtual classroom.


Sentient Academy offers lots of virtual classes via Zoom;  many are live interaction and others are pre-recorded. Some even come with free trials so you can sample the course without committing to an entire session. There are even free streaming events you can watch and learn from including Life as Pro Artists featuring information from professional artists on their daily work, best practices, motivation, and a wide array of other topics from a professional’s perspective.

Virtual learning is cost-effective, in fact, you probably already have most materials needed. Instructors provide lists and make recommendations of their favorite products but they’re not always mandatory. You’ll have no commute to campus. At Sentient, you pay for each course separately so only take the courses you want or need. Maybe you’re a non-traditional student who has just been wanting to pick up some art classes to supplement your hobby or you want to become a professional artist but don’t have the time to devote to a full course load in addition to your busy life. Now is the perfect time to sign up for an online class and reach your potential, build new skills, or hone existing ones. 



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