Watercolor Paper Panels

Watercolor Paper Panels

Watercolor Paper Panels

We, here at Trekell, are huge fans of anything and everything cold press - cold press juice, cold press coffee and, especially - our cold press watercolor paper panels. That’s right, panels!

Forget sheets or blocks. Our sturdy little panels eliminate the traditional “buckling” of watercolor paper and instead provide a smooth, pristine surface for any medium, be it water-based, print, charcoal, or graphite.

Available in nine sizes and made from exquisite ¼” Baltic Birch, Trekell’s Cold Press Watercolor Paper Panels are sealed with Golden GAC100 and adorn in Fabriano Artistico Traditional White 300gsm 100% cotton paper in cold press.

Professional-grade and known for its natural mould-made production, Fabriano Artistico’s paper is not only the epitome of high performance, it is also a clean, natural alternative containing no chlorine, no optical brighteners, and internally and externally sized via non-animal sizing.

We think our Cold Press Watercolor Paper Panels are pretty great! Don’t believe us?! Check out the reviews or better yet, try them for yourself. Let one of our panels be the foundation for your next creation!!



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