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Medium of Choice: Charcoal and Soft Pastel

“Trekell brushes are my go-to when pushing around charcoal and paint. When I decided to take my charcoal pieces to a larger scale, I searched high and low - mostly low because spoiler: I'm short - for the right brushes.

The Trekell Mop Brushes were able to take me to the next level with their ability to blend and push charcoal powder without losing any fibers in the process. Whenever I add paint to my pieces, the Trekell Hog Bristle Brushes bring life to my work through dimension and texture.

Trekell is so versatile, there is quite literally a brush for every artist and medium.

CHELSEA LEOPOLD | Trekell Art Supply

Chelsea Leopold is an artist and goofball currently residing in San Diego, California. Since she can remember, probably safe to say even straight out of the womb, she has been creating art.

What started out as expertly crafted mud-pies, soon turned into realistic pieces on paper with pencil. Chelsea went to continue her art journey at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she studied Jewelry making and metal-smithing.

She foolishly thought that she knew all she needed to know about painting and drawing, so metal work was a nice challenge. It wasn't until years later when she broke her leg in a motorcycle accident and was forced to do nothing but sit and draw, that she realized that drawing and painting was and will always be her true passion.

CHELSEA LEOPOLD | Trekell Art Supply

Chelsea's work focuses on bending the idea of realism. She used to be so caught up in making every piece "perfect" that she didn't have her first breakthrough until she threw everything she knew out the window.

Her main subjects are often the repetition of eyes and hands, helping create the narrative of identity, or lack thereof, in the quantum realm.

Each piece is built using a chaotic layering process of charcoal and pastel, Turpenoid, and fixative. She does not have time any longer for perfection, what you see is often the decision of keeping something as-is and undone.

CHELSEA LEOPOLD | Trekell Art Supply

Although originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chelsea now lives in San Diego, California, with her two pups and studio mates, Mischa and Grim.

When she is not drawing, you can find her trash picking for used furniture to fix up, reading, or enjoying a brew at the local watering holes. She also advocates for mental health, hoping to help others who suffer from mood disorders and anxiety.

Main Image Credit: Will Levy

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Mop Brushes - 6" Handle

Hog Bristle Brushes - 10" Handle

Sienna - Synthetic Red Sable Brushes - 10" Handle