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Medium of Choice: Charcoal, Pastel & Oil

"I tried Trekell products a couple years ago on my quest to find materials that withstood more than a couple of paintings' worth of use.  I actually remember the day I first used them, because comparatively, they blew the other brushes out of the water. 

Most everything that wasn't Trekell I threw away.  I don't know what sort of wizardry these products are made with, but I will now and forever be a loyal fan and avid supporter.  They truly make my art-life easier."

KATE ZAMBRANO | Trekell Art Supply

Kate Zambrano is a self-taught artist residing in California.

She left Texas, her home state, at age seventeen to travel. She entered college the next year to study psychology.

After discovering that she loved the subject more than the idea of a career in the field, she began teaching herself how to draw. The next two years Kate pushed herself through trial and error, challenge and discovery. But every now and then, a small epiphany would occur to assure her that she was on the right path. Each step was a building block for the next.

And so it has gone ever since, gradually becoming a fine art portrait artist with a dark aesthetic. She is constantly learning and trying to better both herself and her work, pushing herself to the far limits of her mind.

KATE ZAMBRANO | Trekell Art Supply

Today, Kate is a realistic oil painting and charcoal artist, selling her art and teaching others how to tap deeper into their own innate creativity. These workshops are open to anyone, no matter the aesthetic they strive for or skill level they bring.

As an artist-teacher, she offers workshops to help other artists acquire new techniques and produce work that they are proud of through a process Kate adapted and enjoys. She encourages students to let go of self-imposed pressure to freely express themselves through charcoal drawing.

KATE ZAMBRANO | Trekell Art Supply

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