Mastering Acrylics: Choosing the Right Trekell Brushes for Your Paints

Mastering Acrylics: Choosing the Right Trekell Brushes for Your Paints

In the dynamic world of acrylic painting, selecting the appropriate tools can significantly enhance your artwork. While Trekell specializes in high-quality, professional-grade brushes suited to work with a wide range of acrylic paints, understanding the nuances of paint consistency is key. In this blog, we'll explore the characteristics of heavy body, soft body, and fluid acrylic paints, and recommend the best Trekell brushes to use with each type.

Heavy Body Acrylics: The Texture Master

Consistency and Uses: Heavy body acrylics are known for their thick, buttery texture, which closely mimics the feel of oil paints. Ideal for techniques that involve direct brush strokes and impasto, this paint type allows for textural expression and visual depth on the canvas.

Recommended Brushes: Trekell’s Crimson Taklon brushes are excellently suited for heavy body acrylics. Their stiff bristles handle the weight of the paint, enabling precise, controlled strokes that retain the paint’s rich texture.

Soft Body Acrylics: The Versatile Blender

Consistency and Uses: Soft body acrylics have a creamy texture similar to heavy cream. They dry slower than traditional acrylics, offering more time for blending and manipulation, perfect for techniques like wet-in-wet painting.

Recommended Brushes: The Golden Taklon line of brushes is perfect for soft body acrylics. These brushes provide a balance of firmness and flexibility, crucial for smooth application and subtle color transitions.

Fluid Acrylics: The Detail Enhancer

Consistency and Uses: Fluid acrylics are very liquid, akin to milk. This makes them ideal for detailed work and techniques that require a fluid, smooth consistency, such as staining or creating fine lines.

Recommended Brushes: For fluid acrylics, Trekell’s Protege brushes are the ideal choice. These brushes are specially designed to hold more fluid, allowing for a smooth, consistent flow perfect for intricate details and precision work.


The Trekell Commitment

At Trekell, we are committed to ensuring that each of our brushes meets rigorous quality standards. Our goal is to provide artists with the tools they need to express their creativity effectively and comfortably. By choosing the right Trekell brush for your acrylic paint, you enhance not only your technique but also the quality and longevity of your artwork.


Selecting the right brush for different types of acrylic paints can greatly influence the outcome of your art. With Trekell’s professional-grade brushes, whether you are working on a heavily textured piece with heavy body acrylics or adding detailed touches with fluid acrylics, you can achieve your artistic vision with confidence and clarity. Discover the right Trekell brushes to bring your artistic visions to life.