Renaissance Reimagined: Discover Trekell’s Modern Altar Panels

Renaissance Reimagined: Discover Trekell’s Modern Altar Panels

In the world of art, tradition meets innovation on the surface of Trekell’s Altar Panels, where historical art forms receive a contemporary update. Our Arch Altar Panel and Spire Altar Floater Panel are not just art supplies; they are invitations to explore the depth of your creativity while connecting with a rich artistic heritage. Crafted in Hesperia, CA, these panels bring a piece of art history into the hands of today's artists.

A Nod to the Past with a Modern Twist

Inspired by the traditional triptych altar panels of the Renaissance, Trekell’s Altar Panels blend timeless design with modern craftsmanship. Each panel is constructed from robust 1/2" thick Baltic birch, ensuring a durable and stable canvas for your artistic endeavors. The Arch Altar Panel features a slim, arched top, gently pointed to evoke the gothic arches of historical cathedrals. In contrast, the Spire Altar Floater Panel extends into a more dramatic point, with routed edges inside the doors to mirror the contemporary floater style, providing depth and dimension to your artwork.

Handcrafted Quality

The intricate design and labor-intensive process of creating each Altar Panel justify the investment. From the careful selection of high-quality Baltic birch to the precise hand-assembly of the hinged doors, every step in the production process is aimed at delivering a product that is not only functional but also a work of art in itself. The materials and craftsmanship ensure that each panel can host your artwork in a manner that is both impressive and lasting.

Embracing Artistic Innovation

At Trekell, we are proud to put a modern spin on an old-timey style, allowing today's artists to connect with art traditions in a way that feels fresh and relevant. Our Altar Panels encourage you to experiment with form and function, offering new ways to present narratives and explore visual storytelling in your art.

Whether you are a painter, a mixed media artist, or someone who cherishes the blend of history and innovation, Trekell’s Altar Panels are designed to inspire and support your creativity. These panels are not merely tools but bridges to the past, equipped with the quality to carry your art into the future.

Invite History Into Your Studio

Let Trekell’s Altar Panels inspire you to create something extraordinary. As you paint, draw, or collage on these panels, you engage in a dialogue with artists of centuries past, all while making a statement that is uniquely yours. It’s your turn to add to the legacy of artistic innovation and make your mark with a panel that honors history and embraces modernity.

Step into the studio with a sense of purpose and passion—Trekell’s Altar Panels are here to transform your artistic vision into a masterpiece that resonates with depth and historical significance.

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