Trekell’s Floating Frame

Trekell’s Floating frame makes sense when you see the result: a panel suspended between gorgeous Basswood. It’s an enduring illusion for a reason and remarkably makes a centerpiece pop every time you look at it. The best part is the ease of installation. With two pre-drilled holes, along with two screws and four 1/4” spacers included in every purchase, a Floater Frame won’t require a master carpenter. The only thing you need to do is apply a finish. Or, hey, don’t! Note: a panel is not included with the floater frame.

Dilemma: You want the eye-popping effect of a floater frame, but the durability and surface firmness of a wood panel. What to do? Problem solved: you get a Trekell Floater Panel. This one-piece, handsome hunk of ¾”-thick Baltic birch has a section that has been routed out to look like a frame. In turn, that ¼” gap plays with the eye’s ability to distinguish dimension, allowing whatever you create upon the panel's interior to look as though it’s suspended within the surrounding ½” of stylish wood.