5 Critical Mistakes Every Artist Makes – And the Tools to Rectify Them

5 Critical Mistakes Every Artist Makes – And the Tools to Rectify Them

5 Critical Mistakes Every Artist Makes – And the Tools to Rectify Them

The world of artistry is a labyrinth of techniques, tools, and trials. Whether you're an established artist or a novice finding your way, certain pitfalls are often encountered. To navigate these challenges, understanding and addressing them is crucial.


1.The Lure of Low Cost Over Quality

Mistake: Prioritizing cost over the quality of materials. While art supplies can be expensive, compromising on quality can lead to unsatisfactory results.
Solution: Opt for materials that offer the perfect balance between affordability and quality. Trekell's brushes are designed to be both cost-effective and of superior quality, ensuring durability and precision.

2. The Limitations of Cotton Canvas

Mistake: Exclusively using cotton canvases. Although they have their merits, over time, they can sag, altering the original appearance of artworks.
Solution: Explore the world of wooden canvases. They provide a robust and consistent surface that ensures longevity and a refined finish. Moreover, when combined with Trekell's range of brushes, they offer an unmatched painting experience.

3. Overlooking Brush Maintenance

Mistake: Neglecting the upkeep of brushes. Without proper care, brushes can deteriorate rapidly, leading to frayed edges and inconsistent strokes.
Solution: Invest in durable brushes and maintain them. Trekell brushes, known for their longevity, will retain their quality with just a bit of regular care.

4. The "One Brush" Approach

Mistake: Relying on a single brush for varied techniques. Each brush serves a purpose, and using the wrong one can hinder the desired outcome.
Solution: Diversify your collection. Trekell offers a wide array of brushes, each designed for specific techniques and results.

5. Resistance to New Methods

Mistake: Clinging to age-old techniques without considering modern innovations. Adaptability in art, as in life, is vital for growth.
Solution: Incorporate traditional methods with contemporary tools. Trekell's wooden canvases are an example of blending time-honored craftsmanship with modern sensibilities.


Art is a reflection of the artist's dedication, passion, and tools. With the right resources, every piece can be transformed from a simple painting into a masterpiece.

For artists aiming for perfection in every stroke and shade, partnering with the right supplier is paramount. Explore a world of superior art supplies with Trekell Art Supplies.

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Your next piece of art deserves nothing but the best. Choose wisely.