Top 5 Mediums Artists Paint With And The Right Tools

Top 5 Mediums Artists Paint With And The Right Tools

The art world is vast, rich in mediums that offer varied textures, finishes, and challenges. Pairing these with the right tools can define the outcome. Dive into the essence of five pivotal mediums and discover how Trekell's brushes and panels bring out their true potential.

1. Acrylics:

Acrylics, known for their rapid drying times and versatile applications, are a must-have in any artist's arsenal. They blend the properties of watercolors and oils, accommodating a spectrum of techniques from transparent washes to heavy impasto. Acrylics are steadfast, adhering to a plethora of surfaces, and their compatibility with various mediums permits the artist to modify texture and luminosity.

To capture the full spectrum of acrylic techniques, Trekell’s Crimson Taklon brushes are unparalleled. Their bristles are designed to maneuver the weight and fluidity of acrylics effortlessly. For the optimal canvas, Trekell’s Gesso Primed Panels offer a surface with the right absorption and durability, ensuring every acrylic artwork stands the test of time.

2. Watercolors:


Watercolors are revered for their translucence and ethereal aesthetic. This medium excels in producing delicate washes, gradients, and layers, capturing light and creating a magical interplay between pigment and paper. The artist's dance with water, controlling the flow and spread of pigment, is central to mastering watercolors.

For such refined work, Trekell’s Protégé brushes are invaluable. Their natural fibers absorb and release water with unmatched precision. For artists looking to break convention, Trekell’s Watercolor Paper Panels present a unique substrate, introducing a subtle wood grain undertone to the artwork.

3. Oils:

Oils—the medium of the masters. Their lustrous depth, prolonged drying time, and buttery consistency make them the pinnacle of classical painting. Achieving the detailed realism, depth, and texture that oils can provide is an art in itself.

Trekell’s Hog Bristle brushes are tailored for oil applications. Their robust bristles glide through the dense texture of oil paints, offering both expansive strokes and intricate details. To perfectly complement, Trekell’s Oil Primed Linen Panels present a surface with refined texture, ensuring oil pigments adhere seamlessly and last for generations.

4. Gouache:

A brilliant blend of watercolor and acrylic characteristics, gouache stands out for its matte, opaque finish. Beloved by illustrators, it offers the transparency of watercolors when diluted and the opacity of acrylics when used densely.

The versatility of gouache demands a brush like Trekell’s Golden Taklon series. Their synthetic strands provide the right bounce and flow for gouache’s unique consistency. When paired with Trekell’s Acrylic Primed Panels, each brushstroke pops, preserving the vibrancy and depth of gouache.

5. Inks:

Diverse and deeply rooted in art history, inks span from the ancient calligraphic traditions to contemporary ink wash paintings. The fluidity of ink demands precision, while its intensity requires a canvas that can accentuate its depth.

To achieve the finesse inks demand, Trekell’s Protege and Golden Taklon brushes excel, offering detailed strokes and fluid lines. The Absorbent Ground primer by Golden ensure that inks do not bleed, maintaining sharpness and clarity, making every ink artwork a masterpiece.  Apply this primer to any Trekell Panel.

The journey to mastery in any medium requires dedication, skill, and the right tools. Trekell Art Supplies bridges the gap between vision and reality, ensuring every stroke, blend, and shade is a testament to an artist's potential.

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