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Eric Johnson Brush Set + FREE Webinar

Grab a cup of coffee & a snack… sit back, relax… and get ready to read to the very end. We have several very special announcements that you are not going to want to miss!


First up, we are pleased to announce that Trekell Pro Team Artist, Eric Johnson, has created a new, Limited Edition Brush Set. This set - which was designed for oil painting but will also work with acrylics - includes Eric's favorite Trekell brushes, on 10" blue and gold handles, with black ferrules PLUS one stick with a QR code for access to an instructional video by Eric.

Note from the Artist: This set works best for paintings 16" x 20" and under.  To make your strokes more proportional to the substrate size, you could adjust brush sizes if you want to go smaller or bigger than 16" x 20". This set includes what I would consider my "workhorse" brushes, I have a full range of sizes for each of these types of brushes.


Trekell Pro Team Artist, Eric Johnson, is an exceptional Boston-based Painter and instructor at The Academy of Realist Art Boston devoted to the preservation and growth of traditional painting. As a complete painter, he aspires to reach a high level of verisimilitude and truth in his works on a variety of subject matters from portrait, still life and landscape. Eric and his work have been featured in, Rembrandt Secrets Revealed, a film that has been embraced worldwide as one of the most important components of understanding 17th-century art. He continues to share his exceptional knowledge with other artists in a series of webinars.


In honor of the release of his new Limited Edition Brush Set, Eric will be hosting a LIVE Chiaroscuro Essentials Webinar on Oct 8, 2022 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time. This webinar - valued at $300 -  is absolutely FREE for Trekell customers, so snag your spot before it’s too late!!!


Eric Johnson Brush Set + FREE Webinar | Trekell Art Supply


Chiaroscuro, (from Italian chiaro, “light,” and scuro, “dark”) is a term employed by the artist to represent the dramatic relationship of light and shadow as they define three-dimensional objects. In this 6-hour online webinar, Pro Team Artist, Eric Johnson will show the entire creation process on a chiaroscuro-focused still life painting from beginning to end in oil paint using a direct painting method called alla prima on a Gothic Arch Floater Panel.

Eric Johnson Brush Set + FREE Webinar | Trekell Art Supply

There will also be a traditional sgraffito demo to teach how you can give your floater panels a high-end framed look. Sgraffito decoration on frames first became popular during the Italian Renaissance, but it is still prevalent today.


One random attendee will be selected to win Eric Johnson’s NEW Limited Edition Brush Set and a Gothic Panel of their choice. This synthetic brush set features 10" blue and gold handles, with black ferrules. These brushed were designed for oil painting but will also work with acrylics and come with a sticker featuring his work.

“Trekell is one of my all-time favorite brands for these three reasons: quality, price, and ethics. I’ve exclusively bought Trekell for years before becoming a Pro Team Member, not out of some blind loyalty to a “brand”, but to me, the products of a company are related to the people inside of it. The loving care, dedication to quality and well-wishing to all of us, the artists, can be felt every time we paint.” For the record, we’re pretty fond of him too!!


Sign up for this FREE Webinar (a $300 value) HERE! 

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