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Eric Johnson Limited Edition Brush Set

Eric Johnson Limited Edition Brush Set

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Eric Johnson Limited Edition Brush Set

Limited Edition Trekell Pro Team Brush Set designed by Eric JohnsonThis set includes Eric's favorite Trekell brushes, on 10" blue and gold handles, with black ferrules. 

This set was designed for oil painting but will also work with acrylics. Included are:

Note from the Artist: This set works best for paintings 16" x 20" and under.  To make your strokes more proportional to the substrate size, you could adjust brush sizes if you want to go smaller or bigger than 16" x 20".

This set includes what I would consider my "workhorse" brushes, I have a full range of sizes for each of these types of brushes. 

Underpainting or laying in color 

Opal Round # 4 

Laying in color, opaque or glazes

Spectrum Bright #2 & 6 

Sienna Cat's Tongue #6 

Details and refining contours

Spectrum Liner #2

Spectrum Round #8 


Mop 3/8

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