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Trekell's Golden Taklon Synthetic Brushes: Versatility and Durability Combined

When it comes to finding the perfect balance between versatility and durability, Trekell's Golden Taklon line of synthetic hair brushes takes the lead. These fine art brushes offer an allergy-free alternative to sable hair or boar bristles while maintaining their shape and fine points even under the toughest conditions. With their optimal stiffness and softness, these brushes are the ideal choice for artists seeking reliable performance.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

Artwork By: Nicole Gustafsson

Available in both 6" short handles for fine details and 10" long handles for a comfortable painting experience, these brushes feature black and silver-lacquered handles with nickel-plated brass ferrules. It's no surprise that they are some of our best sellers and favored by our Pro Team artists!

  • ROUND - 2000/2500 SERIES:

Known as the iconic brush shape, rounds offer versatility in laying down washes, fills, and lines of various sizes. They excel in both wide surface transformation and delicate details.
Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

  • BRIGHT - 2010/2510 SERIES:

With evenly-shaped shorter hairs, bright brushes provide excellent control for heavy and thick applications of paint. Their flat-end with a rounder midsection allows for creating strong or sharp lines, making them perfect for landscape painting or layering paint.
Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply
  • LONG FLAT - 2515 SERIES:

The long flat brush, with its subtly convex tip resembling a chisel, holds its shape exceptionally well. Ideal for working with heavier paints and requiring precision and control, this brush offers superior snap and is designed with a long handle.
Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply
  • FILBERT - 2020/2520 SERIES:

Filbert brushes feature medium to long hairs tapered at the end, forming a soft oval shape. They are perfect for figurative blending and working within tight areas. The filbert's ability to create rounded lines adds a touch of flow to your artwork.


Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply


This variation of the filbert brush combines the point of a filbert with greater flexibility. It is well-suited for artists who need precise brushwork along with added flexibility. This brush also features a long handle.

 Long filbert Trekell art supplies

  • FAN - 2030/2530 SERIES:

he unique bristle spread of fan brushes allows them to blend, shade, and create a wide range of textures and special effects. They can either work subtly in the background or become the focal point of your artwork.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

  • DAGGER - 2040 SERIES:

With its rising edge terminating into a knife-like point, the dagger brush is perfect for laying down small, sharp lines and creating teardrop shapes such as petals. It excels in painting hair and offers great control. This brush features a short handle.
Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply
  • SCRIPT/RIGGER - 2050/2550 SERIES:

Script brushes feature long hairs formed into a narrow point, making them ideal for delicate details, highlighting, outlining, and lettering. Their paint-carrying capacity allows for long, unbroken strokes.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply
  • CAT'S TONGUE - 2060/2560 SERIES:

The cat's tongue brush is a versatile tool that performs well in many techniques. Its triangular tip is perfect for delicate lines, the edge for medium-sized strokes, and the flat side for bold lines and confident washes. It has become a favorite among watercolorists.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

  • WASH - 2070 SERIES:

Wash brushes come in various shapes and sizes, offering countless impressive effects. They are designed for large areas and can hold a substantial amount of water and color. Whether wetting the surface or soaking up materials, wash brushes are a must-have tool for any artist. This brush features a short handle.

wash brush Trekell Art supplies 

  • LINER - 2080/2580 SERIES:

Liner brushes, similar to script brushes but smaller and narrower, are perfect for projects that require precise control, such as lettering or tight outlines.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

  • ANGLE - 2090 SERIES:

Angle brushes feature longer hairs on one end, gradually getting shorter towards the other. This slope aids in precision and clean strokes. With a slightly different technique, artists can achieve soft shading effects. This brush features a short handle.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

  • GRAINER - 2099 SERIES:

Grainer brushes have unique bristle distribution, allowing for multiple lines with a single stroke. They are perfect for creating the textures of grass, hair, fur, and feathering.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

Lastly, it's essential to prioritize brush cleaning and care. By properly cleaning and storing your brushes after each use, you can ensure their consistent performance and longevity.

Invest in Trekell's Golden Taklon synthetic brushes and experience the perfect blend of versatility and durability. Elevate your artwork to new heights with these high-quality brushes that cater to various mediums.