Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

Golden Taklon Brushes

Trekell’s Golden Taklon line of synthetic hair brushes finds the ideal middle ground between versatility and durability.

An allergy free alternative to sable hair or boar bristles, these fine art brushes hold their shape and maintain their fine points under the toughest conditions, all while being neither too stiff nor too soft.

No matter the medium — oil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, enamel or even ink — a Golden Taklon will keep that one-of-a-kind snap.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

Artwork By: Nicole Gustafsson

They come in both 6” short (for fine details) and 10” long (so you can sit back and take it all in) with black and silver-lacquered handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

It’s no wonder that they are some of our best sellers and favored by most of our Pro Team artists!

ROUND - 2000/2500 SERIES -

When people think of a fine art brush, they picture a round. The iconic, rounded shape is versatile, allowing artists to lay down washes, fills, and lines of all sizes. Rounds on the larger side can efficiently transform wide surface areas with fewer strokes.

Those with finer points excel at delicate lines and intricate details.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

BRIGHT - 2010/2510 SERIES -

The shorter, evenly-shaped hairs of bright brushes are ideal for easily controlling heavy and thick applications of paint with succinct strokes.

A bright brush's shape, a flat-end with a rounder-midsection, allows it to create either strong or sharp lines depending on the technique.

Commonly used in landscape painting or when painting atop paint. If you're planning on laying paint atop of paint in terse bursts, these brushes are a must.

Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply


The long flat, like the name suggests, is a longer flat brush with a subtly convex tip resembling a chisel.

Known for holding its shape, a long flat is ideal if precision and control is needed when working with heavier paints. It has a superior snap, meaning it springs back to its original shape. This brush is on a long handle.
Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply
FILBERT - 2020/2520 SERIES -

The filbert's medium to long hairs form a soft oval that's tapered at the end, a perfect shape for figurative blending and working within tight areas. The filbert is also a master of flow, making flat lines look rounded.Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply


Like it's shorter counterpart, this variation on the filbert is quite handy. When you require a filbert's point, but need a brush with greater flexibility, the long filbert fills in admirably. This brush is on a long handle.
Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply
FAN - 2030/2530 SERIES -

The spread out bristles give the fan brush its characteristic dualist nature. It can quietly work in the background by blending and shading, but it can also become the star of the show by replicating a wide array of textures and special effects just by varying the technique.Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply


A dagger brush's unique shape — a rising edge that terminates into a knife-like point — gives it the ability to lay down small, sharp lines. Painting hair is one of many use cases.

It's also adept at creating teardrop-styled shapes such as petals effortlessly. This brush is on a short handle.
Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

The script brush's long hairs are formed into a narrow point. Tasks requiring delicate details, such as highlighting, outlining, and lettering, are where the script brush has made its name, though its paint-carrying capacity also allows for long, unbroken strokes.
Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

CAT'S TONGUE - 2060/2560 SERIES -

The cat's tongue is a utility brush, performing many techniques well. Like a filbert with a point, its triangle tip is for delicate lines, edge for medium-sized strokes, and flat side for bold lines and confident washes. A growing favorite among watercolorists, though it works well with most media.Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

WASH - 2070 SERIES -

Washes come in a limitless array of shapes and sizes, producing an infinite number of impressive effects.

However, the brushes' uses are largely the same. A wash is for large areas and great amounts of water and color; either wetting these spaces or soaking those materials up. This brush is on a short handle.Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

LINER - 2080/2580 SERIES -

The liner brush is similar to the script brush, just with a smaller, narrower shape. If a project calls for deft control, such as lettering or tight outlines, a liner brush is the right choice.Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply


With longer hairs on one end that get progressively shorter towards the other, an angle brush's slope aids precision, allowing for clean, efficient strokes. With a slightly different technique, artists can also achieve a soft shading effect. This brush is on a short handle.Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply


The unique, slightly spread-out bristle distribution of grainer brushes allows for multiple lines with one stroke. Grass, hair, fur, and feathering are among its many abilities. This brush is on a short handle.Golden Taklon Brushes | Trekell Art Supply

Last, but certainly not least… Brush cleaning and care should be a top priority for every artist. If you take care of your brushes, they’ll take care of you. Properly cleaning and storing your brushes after each use will allow them to perform consistently and last longer.

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