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Elevate Your Oil Paintings with Trekell Oil Ground Panels

Trekell Oil Ground Panels: Unleash Your Oil Painting Potential

Unlock the full potential of your oil paintings with Trekell Oil Ground Panels. Designed specifically for oil artists, these panels are available in various substrate options such as Baltic Birch Wood, ACM (Aluminum Composite Material), and Hardboard. Experience the convenience of a pre-primed surface, allowing you to dive right into your artistic process and create stunning masterpieces.

Trekell Oil Ground Panels | Trekell Art Supply

Understanding the Significance of Oil Ground for Your Art

Oil Ground serves as the foundation of an oil painting, playing a crucial role in its longevity and overall quality. Artists who strive for permanence in their artworks understand the importance of every layer, including the unseen layers such as the size and ground. Just as a house needs a solid foundation, an oil painting requires a high-quality ground to ensure its longevity and structural integrity.

The Benefits of Gamblin Oil Painting Ground

Trekell Oil Ground Panels feature Gamblin Oil Painting Ground, renowned for its exceptional qualities. Formulated with alkyd resin, titanium dioxide for opacity, and calcium carbonate for strong adhesion, this oil ground provides a strong, bright, and non-absorbent foundation for your oil paintings. It enhances the colors and textures of your oil paints and mediums, capturing their vibrancy and intensity.

Enhancing Your Colors: Oil Ground's Subtle and Unmistakable Texture

The subtle yet unmistakable texture of Oil Ground adds depth and dimension to your artwork. Its unique characteristics bring out the best in your oil paints, creating visually captivating and textured surfaces. Embrace the enhanced richness and visual impact that Oil Ground brings to your oil paintings.

Experience the Convenience: Let Trekell Handle the Prep Work

Unlike acrylic gesso, Oil Ground requires specific application techniques and careful preparation. When you choose Trekell Oil Ground Panels, we take care of the meticulous prep work using the appropriate methods and utmost care. With our panels, you can trust in their superior quality and craftsmanship, knowing that they are precisely primed for optimal performance. All you need to do is focus on your art and unleash your creativity.

Superior Quality and Craftsmanship: The Art of Trekell Oil Ground Panels

Trekell Oil Ground Panels exemplify our commitment to excellence. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these panels provide artists with a reliable and high-quality surface for their oil paintings. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship ensures that you receive panels of the utmost quality, allowing you to create with confidence and achieve exceptional results.

Oil Ground Panels offered at Trekell -
Oil Ground Panel - 1/4" Baltic Birch
Oil Ground Panel - 1/8" Aluminum Composite Material
Oil Ground Panel - 1/8" Hardboard

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