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Vision X Live

Vision X Live

We're thrilled to announce that Trekell is one of the many sponsors for this year’s #VisionXLive Virtual Art Conference on July 16th-18th, 2021.

Vision X Live is a three-day virtual art conference that brings the world’s top artists (including many of our Pro Team Artists!) together to share their vision of the future through a series of live keynote presentations, panel discussions, Q&As, demos and work-along sessions.

Vision X Live offers aspiring artists and experienced professionals opportunities to network, learn, and gain access to the expertise of top international artists, galleries, and art suppliers (like us!).

At Vision X Live, the goal is to break down boundaries between genres, styles and cultures. Vision X Live is a place to immerse yourself in a creative experience without judgement. Space where you can be courageous, independent and break free from creative restraints and norms. A place to recharge your creative batteries and become a fearless new voice in the art world.

The Vision X Live Art Conference has attracted some of the most renowned artists worldwide. The event team at Vision X Live hand-picked keynote speakers and exhibitors from a wide range of artistic styles, including traditional and digital, to appeal to various art enthusiasts.

Here are just a few of the many events that we are looking forward to -

Kim VanDerHoek - 10 Tips for Securing Gallery Representation

Kai Lun Qu - Brushstroke Economy Challenge

The Obanoth (Hannah Webb) - Live with The Obanoth
Sean Cheetham - Digital Medium for Painters
Kate Zambrano -  Drawing Realistic Portraits

The Obanoth, Sean Cheetham, Julie Beck, Todd Casey, David Santiago, Natalia Fabia, Chet Zar, Kate Zambrano, Alyssa Mees, Eric Johnson, and Kim VanDerHoek (talk about a lineup!).

The conference is free for the public to browse, but there are paid ticket options if you choose to participate in the live events. We hope to “see” you there!



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