Jimena Reno - Trekell Featured Artist | Trekell Art Supply

Jimena Reno - Trekell Featured Artist

Hi there! My name is Jimena Reno and I’m 24 years old. I was born in Spain but I moved to Los Angeles, California a couple years ago.

I studied Fine Arts in Madrid, but didn’t find my style and passion for oil painting until I moved to the states. 

I share my process on my Youtube channel and other social media platforms. I find videos are the more rewarding since I can share my knowledge and my stories behind my paintings.

I also do cosplay and makeup transformations. I feel like they’re all connected through different ways of using paint!

Jimena Reno - Trekell Featured Artist | Trekell Art Supply


What’s your preferred medium to paint?  Have you tried different mediums before?

My all time medium to paint will always be oil. I've tried watercolors and acrylics but it's never the same. Oil painting gives me the freedom to add or modify anything and I think that's why I love it so much!

Jimena Reno - Trekell Featured Artist | Trekell Art Supply

Favorite living artists?

Henrik A. Uldalen, Jeremy Mann, Felicia Forte, Jenny Saville, Agnes Cecile, Lois V, Casey Baugh, Charmaine Olivia, Lena Danya, and a lot more that I can't remember!

Favorite museum?

My favorite museum will always be El Museo del Prado, in Madrid. I used to visit it frequently when I was in college and always get inspired by the timeless beauty of Velázquez, Goya, & Sorolla.

Jimena Reno - Trekell Featured Artist | Trekell Art Supply

What’s the meanest thing someone has said about your art?  How did you respond?

Once someone said I had no talent.  It wasn't specific to any painting. I always think what people say is a reflection of who they are on the inside, so I assume that person was going through some rough stuff and this was a way to deal with the dark they had inside.

I don't think I responded. I either ignore that or block them directly. I feel like sometimes If you respond to those things, you give them your attention and that's exactly what they wanted.

Who was you biggest supporter when you decided to pursue art as a career?

My parents have always been my biggest supporters. My dad believed in me since forever probably haha. My mom was a bit harder on me, but once I showed her that I was passionate about it she completely understood and was always always there for me. 

Jimena Reno - Trekell Featured Artist | Trekell Art Supply

What advice do you have for someone who wants to make art for a living?

I'd say go for it, 100%, it is possible. It will be hard at first, but I think the difficulty is on making yourself known. If people know you, then you have 50% done, the rest is up to marketing yourself and people liking what you do.

I never in a million years would imagine I'd have a store and people would purchase my paintings, so you just have to believe in yourself, as cheesy as it sounds.

Jimena's Favorite Trekell Products:

Golden Taklon Brushes

Sprectrum Brushes

Mab Graves Limited Edition Brush Set

Oil Primed Linen Panels - 1 3/4" Thick

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