What Are These 6 Paint Brush Shapes Good For?

What Are These 6 Paint Brush Shapes Good For?

What Are These 6 Paint Brush Shapes Good For?

Picture this: You know exactly what you want to paint, but wait--What do you decide to paint with? Don’t worry, we have you covered. With so many amazing choices, it can be hard to pick the right paintbrush shape for your medium. Paint brushes come in all shapes and sizes, but understanding how each brush translates to your project is the first step. The correct paint brush for your project can be dependent on what you are looking to create. Some paint brushes are better for some techniques than other paint brushes. We’ve compiled a list of six common paint brush shapes, what they are best suited for, and some of our top recommendations for each style. Take a peek!

1.) Grainer Paint Brush

Grainer-shaped brushes possess wide, flexible ends that can hold a lot of paint. The Grainer 2099 Series is perfect for leaving a jagged-look that can be used to create hair, fur and grass textures. This Golden Taklon Brush is synthetic and works with all mediums.

Grainer Paint Brush

2.) Filbert Paint Brush

Utilize this thick, soft oval-shaped brush for figurative blending and working within tight areas. The filbert is also a master of flow, making smooth lines look rounded. Try the Filbert 4000KF Series for creating fine lines and for projects needing precision.  This synthetic brush works great with oil and acrylic paint.

Filbert Opal Brush Synthetic Hog Bristle

3.) Fan Paint Brush

The fan paint brush is a semi-circle, fanned brush that is known for creating multiple lines or dots in uniform.  The paint brush is commonly used for blending and produces a series of lines in one stroke perfect for creating grass. The Fan 405 Series is a great choice if you are looking to replicate a wide array of textures and special effects. This natural hair brush is ideal for oil paint.

4.) Round Paint Brush

The classic, rounded shape is adaptable, allowing artists to lay down washes, fills, and lines of all sizes. Rounds on the larger side can efficiently transform wide surface areas with fewer strokes. The round paint brushes are great for drawing and filling in large areas. The Round 9100R Series is a great paint brush to have in your painting toolbox.  This synthetic brush works great with oil and acrylic  paint.

Round Synthetic Mongoose Legion Brush

5.) Bright Paint Brush

The bright paint brushes style is coarse and great for thick brushwork. The shorter, evenly-shaped hairs of bright brushes are ideal for easily controlling heavy and thick applications of paint with succinct strokes. If you're planning on laying paint atop of paint in terse bursts, the Bright 2510 Series is a must.  This synthetic brush works with all mediums.

Bright Synthetic Flat Paint Brush

6.) Cat’s Tongue Paint Brush

The cat's tongue is a utility brush, performing many techniques well. Its triangle tip is for delicate lines, edge for medium-sized strokes, and flat side for bold lines and confident washes. A growing favorite among watercolorists, though it works well with most media. Try out the Cat’s Tongue 5540 Series for your next watercolor project.  This natural hair brush can be used with oil and watercolor paints.

Red Sable Cat's Tongue Oval Paint Brush

Choosing the right paint brush can be tricky, but knowing which paint brush compliments your project is half the battle. Have control and confidence in each stroke by educating yourself on the various types of paint brushes out there. Pick the paint brush that best suits your needs and experiment with different brushes. Use one of these beautiful paint brush styles on your next piece or add these brushes to your painterly hardware!



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