Trekell Limited Edition Spring Panels

Limited Edition Spring Panels

Spring has sprung! For a limited time only, celebrate the season with our Spring-Shaped Panels. Available in DAHLIA, BUTTERFLY (NEW this year!), RAINDROP, SUN & CLOUD shapes - each panel is 1/2" thick, made from Baltic Birch and has a keyhole in the back for hanging. These panels will only be available while supplies last, so stock up before Summer heats up!

Trekell Raindrop Wood Panel


Trekell Butterfly Wood Panel

A symbol of growth, transformation and rebirth, butterflies emerge when caterpillars leave the safety of their cocoons. With approximately 17,500 species of butterflies in the world, their uniqueness can be interpreted by an artist in infinite ways. Like the layers of a painting, butterfly wings are made up of multiple layers that reflect light and convey movement.


Trekell Dahlia Wood Panel


A symbol of inner strength, commitment and beauty, dahlias rely on their astounding spectrum of color - from whites to yellows, oranges to reds and even purples - of varying shades to attract pollinating inspects. Though, as always, we encourage the use of any color and interpretation when using our dahlia-shaped wood panels.


Trekell Raindrop Panel

A symbol of renewal, fertility & change, raindrops are essential to all living things. After all, “April showers bring May flowers.” Though, unlike butterflies and dahlia, raindrops can also have a negative connotation. The doom and gloom of a rainy day, downpours or even floods can have a significant effect on people’s moods and creativity. Whether you choose to see the light or the darkness, we can’t wait to see what you create using our raindrop-shaped panels.


Trekell Sun Wood Panel

A symbol of warmth, light & renewal, the sun has been generating energy for 4.5 billion years! Though despite its brightness, the sun, like raindrops, can evoke a variety of emotions. From sunrise, the dawn of a new day, new beginnings, brightness and life to sunset, the end of a day, closure, darkness and death. The sun is indeed essential to all living things so grab one of our sun-shaped panels today, perhaps do a little en plein air painting and soak up that Vitamin D! 


Trekell Cloud Wood Panel

A symbol of transition; clouds, like raindrops and the sun can be seen as both uplifting and depressing. Whether they are white & fluffy… dark & ominous… or every hue & density in between clouds are ever-changing, ever-shifting… moving, floating, passing, vanishing... So act quickly and get your cloud-shaped panels today before they disappear.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, growth, change and transformation. Get inspired and challenge yourself with a fresh Spring shaped canvas today! Whether it be for yourself, a relative or a friend, art makes great gifts!

Artwork by Kai Lun Qu

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