The Trekell Holiday Shoppe | Trekell Art Supply

The Trekell Holiday Shoppe

Attention shoppers! The Trekell Holiday Shoppe is open for a limited time. Don’t delay! Stock up on your favorite holiday panels PLUS a limited edition brush set put together by Trekell Pro Team Artist, Glenn Arthur. It’s going to be MERRY! JOLLY!! And perhaps a little sinister…

The Trekell Holiday Shoppe | Trekell Art Supply


All of Trekell's artist panels are handcrafted, from Baltic birch, right here in our factory so we can keep a close eye on quality control by maintaining the highest manufacturing standards. 

This year, our holiday panels include:

SNOWGLOBE - we love the thought of creating something that is traditionally transparent and made of glass onto a solid piece of wood. Whether you paint a figure, a landscape or an abstract image -  include shine, texture or sparkle - the possibilities are truly endless! And, much like a of a kind.  

The Trekell Holiday Shoppe | Trekell Art Supply

KRAMPUS - ok, this is where the sinister part comes in. Here at Trekell, we find it sort of tough to not add a little bit of darkness and lore to everything that we do.

And so, we’ve added a Krampus wood panel to our Holiday Shoppe to scare all of the little kiddies that have misbehaved. Krampus is a - downright scary - horned figure, who during the Christmas season assists Saint Nicholas by scaring all of the naughty children while good ole Saint Nick rewards the well-behaved ones.

The Trekell Holiday Shoppe | Trekell Art Supply

ORNAMENT - now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, let’s talk about something a little more festive, shall we?!

To round out our holiday shoppe, literally and figuratively, we’ve designed a round ornament shaped panel for all of your decorative needs. It can even be hung on your tree - or really, anywhere you want to hang it!

The Trekell Holiday Shoppe | Trekell Art Supply

Challenge yourself with a new holiday shaped canvas today!


Trekell Pro Team Artist, Glenn Arthur, has compiled his favorite Trekell brushes to create a Limited Edition Set. With its maroon, gold and black design, this 7-piece synthetic Golden Taklon and Protégé brush set resembles a classic nutcracker. These brushes work with all media - including Glenn’s favorites, acrylic & watercolor - and come with a sticker featuring his work.

“Like many artists, I started exploring the world of painting with little to no knowledge of what products would be most helpful to me. Trial and error was the name of the game until I discovered Trekell’s paint brushes. The excellent quality and huge variety of their brushes gives me confidence in knowing that I’ll always have the right tool for the job.

Their Golden Taklon brushes are perfect for my acrylic pieces and their Protégé brushes work wonderfully for my watercolors. There’s always something new and exciting in their lineup of products to explore.

Trekell is an art supply company that truly cares about lifting up artists and providing them with the highest quality tools and support along their journeys. It’s been nearly a decade that I’ve been using Trekell’s art supplies and I plan to use them for decades to come."

The Trekell Holiday Shoppe | Trekell Art Supply

Glenn Arthur is a California native and self-taught artist who spent his youth fervently drawing and sketching, yet did not come into painting until his late twenties when a friend forced a paintbrush into his hand and said, “You need to do this!”

His work is a delicious blend of the past and the present; heavily influenced by pinup illustrators, the Art Nouveau movement, Victorian and Rococo aesthetics and modern graphic arts. A touch of whimsy and a splash of the macabre can always be found in his work and every piece is lovingly punctuated by one of his signature hummingbirds.

Glenn currently resides in the Bay Area. His paintings and drawings can be found exhibited around the world. 

Remember, art - and art supplies - make great gifts!!!

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