Ornate Wood Panels

Ornate Wood Panels

Ornate Wood Panels

For a limited time only, make your artwork extra fancy with one of our Ornate Panels. These elegant shapes come in many different styles. Each panel is 1/2" thick, made from Baltic birch and has a key-hole in the back for hanging. These panels will only be available from November 8th - 19th, so stock up today!


PLAQUE - An ornamental tablet, typically of metal, porcelain, or wood (our favorite, of course!), plaques are fixed to walls or other surfaces in commemoration of a person or event. However, although a lovely sentiment, our elaborate plaque panels can certainly be used for much, much more!

PORTRAIT - Higher than it is wide, our portrait panels are perfect for...well, portraits! Or any image your heart desires really!

RETRO - “Yeah, baby!” Echoing style, fashion and design from the 60s & 70s, our retro panel is an amazing geometric shape that can be used alone or as a repeated series. We think it’s pretty groovy!

BAROQUE - “If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it!” Sorry, sorry we couldn’t help ourselves! But seriously, our baroque wood panel is so fabulously ornate that you may not ever go back to a standard panel again. Get ready to channel your inner 17th & 18th century artist with this amazing shape.

VINTAGE - Like a fine wine, our vintage wood panel will withstand the test of time. High quality, full-bodied, balanced & earthy -  this canvas is perfect for any palate - Opps, we mean palette!

BIRDCAGE -  Love, love, love this shape. Typically made of wire or cane, birdcages have so much history and intrigue behind them. Dating as far back as 3rd century China, the birdcage is a symbol of both adoration and imprisonment. 

CLASSIC - Like a classic novel or a classic car, our classic wood panel is timeless. It’s an outstanding example of quality and style.

MIRROR - “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” Although typical mirrors are made of coated glass, our mirror wood panel is Baltic birch and not reflective... YET!

Challenge yourself with an ornate shaped canvas today! Remember, art - and art supplies - make great gifts!

All artwork done by: The Obanoth



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