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Artists Signing Paintings

Some consider an artists’ signature the pièce de résistance, the icing on the cake, the star upon a tree. Some say that an artwork is not complete until it is signed. However, signing a finished piece of artwork can be a daunting task. You’ve just spent hours, days, months - maybe even years - completing your masterpiece and now, you must sign it.

Some artists use brushes to sign their John Hancocks, some "carve" their signature into thick layers of paint with the back end of their brush handle, some artists hide their signatures within their work, some write it on the back, while most still place it in the traditional lower right hand corner.

There are so many options for signing artwork. Placement, style and the ideal tool always comes down, of course, to the artist's preference. Our mission here at Trekell is to support artists, help generate ideas and provide YOU with YOUR ideal tools! Below are a few tool suggestions for creating your signature.

When people think of a fine art brush, they typically picture a round brush. The iconic, rounded shape is versatile, offering a multitude of options, including the ability to create lines of all sizes. Trekell offers round brushes in all of our brush series. However, the brushes in our Protégé Brush Series are firm with a fine tip - excellent for creating fine lines and intricate details - perfect for creating your signature.

A script brush would be another good option for creating signatures as their long hairs are formed into a narrow point. Tasks requiring delicate details, such as highlighting, outlining, and lettering, are where the script brush has made its name, though its paint-carrying capacity also allows for long, unbroken strokes giving you the ability to do your signature in one swoop. The only issue is it would be hard to make your signature small with a script brush. Our script brushes are available in Trekell’s Golden Taklon (long & short handle), Crimson Taklon (long short handle), Spectrum, ProtégéOnyx & Sienna brbrush series.

A liner brush, which is a smaller, narrower version of a script brush would also work well as it allows for immense control. Our liner brushes are available in Trekell’s Golden Taklon (long & short handle), Crimson Taklon (long short handle), Spectrum, Legion & Sienna brush series.

Brush - hair or handle - palette knife or pen whatever you choose to create your signature, make it your own!