Lizzy Gass

Lizzy Gass

Media of Choice: Watercolor, Gouache and Oil

"Since I work with watercolor, gouache, and oil, I needed versatile art supplies that would last through many hours of painting, and I quickly found Trekell's brushes and panels to be the perfect fit for my art. Their supplies are all well made and high-quality, but also a great value, which is, of course, an ideal combination. I've admired Trekell's enduring support for art and artists for many years, and I'm thrilled to be able to participate as part of their Pro Team!"

Lizzy Gass is a painter who utilizes watercolor and gouache to craft fantastical worlds and capture treasured memories.

With a background in chemistry and nursing, she merges her love for science, fairytales, and the outdoors to produce whimsical and detailed paintings that invite the viewer to step into new worlds or glimpse snippets of magic in the everyday.

Her work is inspired by a childhood filled with reading fanciful stories and sci-fi books, building forts, and playing in the woods. Lizzy aims to evoke a sense of enchantment through her art, prompting thoughts of raindrops and wildflowers, cups of tea, and reading books by a cozy fire.

Artist Links: Instagram, TikTok, Website

Trekell Golden Taklon Brushes
Trekell Raw Wood Block Panels - 1/2" Thick Baltic Birch