Allison Bamcat

Allison Bamcat

Medium of Choice: Acryla Gouache

"As a full-time artist, I am pulled in many directions with my work: correspondence, networking, social media, bookkeeping, etc. But when it's time to sit down and paint, I want to know that I'm working with the best materials available. Knowing my peers and artists I look up to support a product makes a difference when I'm choosing to buy new supplies. High quality supplies make it easier to create high quality paintings.

I love Trekell panels because they're sturdy and lightweight, and I know that when I pull a Trekell brush out of the bunch, it will last through all of the roughness my brushes endure when I use my dry-brush technique. Working with Acryla Gouache, I have to keep my brushes clean, lest they dry out completely, so I treat them to a bath in the Trekell brush restorer when they're looking a little frayed."

Allison Bamcat is a color-obsessed painter living in Los Angeles.

Through her use of texture, expression, and vivid color, she seeks to invoke feelings of nostalgia, magic, intensity, and gravity. The creatures, props and plants in her paintings serve as guides on her personal journey.

Bamcat works in acryla gouache for her fine art painting and also creates large-scale murals throughout the US.

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