David Gray

David Gray

Medium of Choice: Oil

"I love Trekell for the consistent high quality. The Legions and Hog Bristles can handle about any type of mark-making I choose to make. From delicate realism to more heavy handed applications, my Trekell brushes are a perfect fit for my changeable modes of expression. "

David's signature style reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty and order which pays homage to Western European Classical Tradition in its craftsmanship.

Collectors of David's work often relate that his painting evokes a sense of peace, stillness, or a contemplative mood. His award winning works have been covered by major art publications including Southwest Art, Art of the West, and American Art Collector.

David also teaches several workshops per year in portraiture and still life painting throughout the United States and abroad.

Artist Links: Instagram, Facebook, Website

Trekell Legion Filbert Brushes
Trekell Hog Bristle Filbert Brushes