Medium of Choice: Oil & Watercolor

"I've tried so many different brush brands over the years and it's tough to find anything that holds up, while still remaining delicate enough to maintaining the level of consistency and precision I'm looking for. Trekell brushes really deliver in both detail and durrability and I finally feel confident that I can rely on brushes and supplies that aren't going to waste my money and time. I specifically love the Kolinsky Sable rounds for my watercolor needs when working out details. They keep the point and snap back. They hold a ton of water and pigment. And they last. For my oil paintings, I've been enjoying the Golden Talkon 10" brushes as well as the Spectrum synthetic line. I feel so lucky to work with Trekell!"

Born in 1985, artist Nick Runge grew up in Colorado. Coming from a creative family of professional artists, he was always interested in drawing and imagining ideas visually. After working as an illustrator on comics and posters full time from 2004-2015 he shifted from commercial art to focus to more personal work using oils and watercolor.

As a portrait/figurative painter, Nick works from life as well as photography, describing his art as something close to “abstracted realism”, with an objective of expressing as much of the realistic human element of life as possible through a limited and often simplified approach to his rendering or brushwork, giving an illusion of realism while, at the same time, breaking shapes and form down enough to have a close balance with abstraction. He currently lives and works in the Los Angeles area.

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Spectrum Brushes

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