Nick Runge

Nick Runge

Media of Choice: Watercolor and Oil

"After all the years of using different brushes with mixed results, I found Trekell and have never gone back. The quality and durability is unmatched by any other affordable brushes I've worked with. I can always count on a sharp point and know that the paint will be distributed consistently with every stroke. You can rely on them, it's as simple as that."

Born in 1985, artist Nick Runge grew up in Colorado. Coming from a creative family of professional artists, he was always interested in drawing and imagining ideas visually.

After working as an illustrator full time from 2004-2015 he shifted focus to more personal work using watercolor or oil paint. As an accomplished portrait and figurative painter, Nick's work features a unique blend of traditional structure and abstract shapes, creating ethereal moods and captivating images, often involving the fragmented energy of human faces and skeletons, which he uses as universal symbols.

His paintings focus less on narrative content and more on the presentation of each subject, letting the composition, color and interplay of light to lead the way. His work aims to inspire viewers to see the ordinary in a new way.


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Trekell Protégé Plus #4 and #14 Rounds
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