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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is an exceptional Boston based Painter, an alumnus and instructor at The Academy of Realist Art Boston, devoted to the preservation and growth of traditional painting.

Eric’s work has been recognized and collected internationally, he has participated in shows in Europe and won numerous awards in the states. As a complete painter he aspires to reach a high level of verisimilitude and truth in his works on a variety of subject matters from portrait, still life and landscape.

Eric Johnson | Trekell Art Supply

To Eric, spirituality and philosophy are major parts of life, revealing the greater fruits of embodiment. He has dedicated himself to the Good and the beautiful, to capture the complexity of Nature’s ineffable spark at the root of reality that is best experienced from working directly from life.

Thus, transmuting the base matter of pigment and oil into a powerful painting, full of idealistic principles worthy of contemplation with Nature as the backbone of integrity. Like the old master Painters, his career is leaning towards the churches, temples and government buildings to do larger, multi-figurative allegorical paintings.

Eric Johnson | Trekell Art Supply

Eric and his work has been featured in, Rembrandt Secrets Revealed, a film that has been embraced worldwide as one of the most important components of understanding 17th century art. He continues to share his exceptional knowledge with other artists in a series of webinars.

Speaking of webinars…we have a very special announcement!! Eric will be hosting a LIVE webinar on January 22nd, 2022. This webinar -valued at $300 -  is absolutely FREE, so snag your spot before it’s too late!!!

Eric Johnson | Trekell Art Supply

For centuries, old master artists used systemic painting techniques to complete their works to the highest level. In this 6 hour webinar, Eric will explain how the quality of materials and how they are handled have a direct impact on the appearance and archival nature of the final work.

Ideally, a good looking painting today will still look well 300 years into the future. There will be a 3 hour lecture followed by an oil paint making demo and a 3 hour live painted portrait demonstration on using the knowledge discussed in the earlier segment.

If you'd like to check out this webinar, see the video below: