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Heart Panels

Discover an array of heart-shaped panels that epitomize creativity and expression. From the essential anatomical heart, symbolizing life itself, to the iconic symbol of love ingrained in popular culture, explore our diverse collection designed to ignite your artistic endeavors this Valentine's season.

Trekell Art Supplies offers an exquisite selection of heart-themed panels, each crafted to provide a canvas for your imagination. From the anatomical to the symbolic, our range includes the newest additions: the Candy Heart Floater Panel and the Broken Heart Panel. Embrace the intrinsic beauty of these meticulously crafted panels and infuse your creations with genuine heART this season.

Anatomical Heart Panel

The anatomical heart is essential to survival, pumping blood and helping circulate oxygen throughout our bodies.

Trekell Art Supplies Anatomical Heart Panel

Artwork by: Andrew Cadima

Despite true love actually starting in the brain, the heart has been synonymous to love tracing as far back as Ancient times.

However, it wasn’t until medieval times that the symmetrical heart symbol, with its double lobes that join at a point, was introduced in a French manuscript. Whether it be anatomical or symbolic, the heart represents emotion, affection and romantic love and continues to be a muse for artists to this day.

Symbolic Heart Panel 

The symbolic heart is essential to popular culture and can be seen in everything from art and literature to fashion and, of course, technology - coming in close second only to “tears of joy” as the most frequently used emoji in 2021.
Trekell Art Supplies Symbolic Heart 1/2" Baltic Birch Wood Panel

Candy Heart Floater Panel

Introducing our Candy Heart-Shaped Wood Panels, just in time for Valentine’s Day! These panels, sized at 8" x 8.5" with an inner dimension of 6" x 6.5" and crafted from 1/2" Thick Baltic Birch of the highest quality, provide a perfect canvas for your creative expression. Sealed and primed for your preferred medium, these USA-made panels feature a 1/4" wide gap, work seamlessly with any media when properly prepped, and include a convenient keyhole for easy hanging. Express your love and creativity with these artisanal panels and bring heART to your Valentine’s Day endeavors!

Trekell Art Supplies Candy Heart Floater Panel


Broken Heart Panel

Introducing our brand-new exquisite Broken Heart Wood Panels, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Crafted as two distinct pieces merging seamlessly at the center, these Baltic Birch panels epitomize elegance. Proudly crafted in the USA, these panels effortlessly complement any art form when prepared, boasting a convenient keyhole for effortless display. Infuse your affection and artistic flair into Valentine’s Day with these handcrafted panels, infusing genuine heART into your creative celebrations!

Trekell Art Supplies Broken Heart 1/2" Baltic Birch Wood Panel

These panels will only be available from January 1st to February 14th, so stock up before the love runs out!

Challenge yourself with a heart shaped canvas today! Whether it be for yourself, your one true love, a crush, a relative or a friend, art makes great gifts and our heart shaped panels are perfect for creating anything your - or their - heart desires.

Heart Panels | Trekell art Supply

Artwork by: Victor Roman

Main Image Artwork by: Alyssa Mees

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