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Medium of Choice: Oil
Andrew Cadima Trekell Pro Artist

“Deciding to make the move to Trekell products was an easy choice. After seeing so many brilliant and trustworthy artists swear by them, I was confident in their quality before even placing my first order.

Once I received my initial batch of Trekell brushes, I was hooked from the first stroke. The touch, the feel, the durability, the versatility, it was all there and exactly what I had been searching for. It felt like destiny.

Whenever I grab a Trekell brush I feel like I'm pulling Excalibur from its stone, ready to enter into the battlefield of creation."

ANDREW CADIMA | Trekell Art Supply

From the age of six, music was the overwhelming focus of Andrew Cadima's early life, studying performance on the piano, violin, and guitar.

He received the Agnes Albert Scholarship to attend the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he would eventually earn bachelor and master's degrees in composition.

After enjoying a professional career conducting and writing music for musicians and ensembles all over the world, Andrew acted on the sudden and somewhat mysterious urge to throw himself entirely into painting.

ANDREW CADIMA | Trekell Art Supply

With just about zero experience in oils, or any other medium for that matter, he began to discover a new and creative approach to painting that he now shares with a dedicated and ever-growing following.

He is committed to, not only producing an important body of work, but also to sharing his experience and technique with those eager to express themselves through art.

ANDREW CADIMA | Trekell Art Supply

Andrew's work began with a strong focus on portraiture and human expression but now covers many varied subjects, from solemn still life's to surrealistic visions of speculative histories.

Today, he paints with the view that everything is fundamentally the same and understanding the simple physical interactions of light and surface are the keys to creating and representing any world you want.

ANDREW CADIMA | Trekell Art Supply

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Andrew Cadima's Brush Set

Oil Ground ACM Panels

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