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Medium of Choice: Watercolor and Oil Paint

“I first discovered Trekell brushes back when I was a cash strapped art student. I needed brushes that I could afford but would behave like a professional tool. When I first used a Trekell brush it was like a dream come true!

They always behave the way I expect them to and they never shed into my work. As I've transitioned from that art student to a professional artist, Trekell brushes have never let me down. These brushes are exactly what I need every time.

DANICA SILLS | Trekell Art Supply

Danica Sills is a painter who loves blending dark, creepy stories with bright, dreamy colors. Her earliest inspirations came from the lush worlds found in video games like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

She spent her early days sketching her own characters and imagining their adventurous stories. Danica found her love for the use of sharp, clean lines in her work when she was given a set of inking pens as a child. The pursuit for the perfect lines in her art has never left her from that day on.

DANICA SILLS | Trekell Art Supply

Danica transitioned from mostly digital art to traditional while working in her illustration program. She fell in love with the tactile satisfaction of traditional painting during a watercolor painting class.

She eventually found her way to oil painting, a favorite medium from that day on. Danica earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from BYU-I in 2016.

DANICA SILLS | Trekell Art Supply

Danica spends her days dreaming of new characters and stories to paint. She has a special fascination with painting glowing bones. She is always seeking inspiration from the world around her, from dark rainy days to the twinkling city lights below her house.

Danica lives in Idaho with her two naughty cats, son, and husband. When she's not painting she's usually attempting to bake something tasty.

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