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Eric Johnson

Medium of Choice: Oil

“Trekell is one of my all time favorite brands for these three reasons: quality, price, and ethics. I spent years making my own pigments, grinding my own paint and even making my own brushes. To sum it up, I am a materials nerd! After years of research and experience I settled down and really just wanted to have more time to paint. My good friend and fellow artist, Julie Beck, introduced me to Trekell.

She graciously gave me a few brushes and from then on I was hooked. The quality was amazing, the control that I could have over the paint was superior, no shedding hairs, and consistently returning to the desired shape even after a good amount of abuse from 12-15 hour painting days. I held my breath when approaching my first order, of course, I was anticipating the prices to be sky high like many other brands that were of similar professional quality.

I was elated to find that the brushes were affordable! I got 3 times the amount of brushes that I was expecting to, needless to say, I was happy. Lastly, the staff at Trekell has always been great, If there was ever an issue, it was resolved.

They have been kind, helpful, encouraging to me and all of my students and anyone that I know. That means a lot in today's world. I’ve exclusively bought Trekell for years before ever becoming a Pro Team Member, not out of some blind loyalty to a “brand”, but to me, the products of a company are related to the people inside of it.

The loving care, dedication to quality and well wishing to all of us, the artists, can be felt every time we paint.

Eric Johnson | Trekell Art Supply

Eric Johnson was born in 1993, is a superlative Boston based Painter and instructor at The Academy of Realist Art Boston who is devoted to the preservation and growth of traditional painting.

Eric was awarded a one year full scholarship to the Academy of Realist Art Boston. He later would become a full time instructor and the second person ever to graduate the rigorous and intense observational training provided in the full program at ARA Boston.

Eric continues to be a strong participant in the growing appreciation of traditional art in Boston.

Eric Johnson | Trekell Art Supply

Eric’s work has been recognized and collected internationally, he has participated in shows in Europe and won numerous awards in the states. As a complete painter he aspires to reach a high level of verisimilitude and truth in his works on a variety of subject matters from portrait, still life and landscape.

To Eric, spirituality and philosophy are major parts of life, revealing the greater fruits of embodiment. He has dedicated himself to the Good and the beautiful, to capture the complexity of Nature’s ineffable spark at the root of reality that is best experienced from working directly from life.

Thus, transmuting the base matter of pigment and oil into a powerful painting, full of idealistic principles worthy of contemplation with Nature as the backbone of integrity. Like the
old master Painters, his career is leaning towards the churches, temples and government buildings to do larger, multi-figurative allegorical paintings.

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